Final Fantasy 16 – the first in the UK, but sales are much less than FF15 at the time of launch

Final Fantasy 16 is the best -selling game of the week in the UK, however, when starting, it is sold much less than the Final Fantasy 15, at least in the physical market.

There is no more complete data yet, but in the meantime, as usual, the editor of Gamesindustry Chris Dring said that the Final Fantasy 16 without much surprise was the best -selling game of the week in the United Kingdom.

However, according to Twit, the launch was not “especially strong”. The journalist explained that the sales of the physical copies of the Final Fantasy 16 were 74% lower than the sales of Final Fantasy 15, the previous head of the series.

It is obvious that in the data under consideration there are some differences: at the same time, we always and only talk about the British market and only regarding the physical market. In 2016, when the Final Fantasy 15 was launched, it represented most of the world market than now, while digital technologies have grown significantly over the years.

In addition, the Final Fantasy 15 was launched on the PS4 and Xbox One, while the new chapter is exclusive for PS5, although the physical sales of Square Enix games on Xbox in any case are not very high, so the comparison is not entirely fair.

This does not talk about the quality of the game, she will find her fans over time

RAPSIAL MOKE, not a game.

It is more suitable for loz: TotK.

A good plot game, the fighting is boring, enemies fall into the camp and do not do it, nonsense

Now everyone I know basically are taken in a number and this applies not only to consoles, but also by a PC, so it is most likely, the physical copies are simply not relevant for the majority, only for collectors they make sense and for those who do not have the opportunity to buy or pay in a number, plus everything is not always available discs in some regions, and they appear on the day of the release, they are not everywhere, moreover, they can also cost more than in the number.

You own a physical copy, and the figure, you rent

Nonsense, any physical copy on a PC (except Gogov) is designed for a particular store platform (Jupa, Steam, etc.e). No excellent from the number (except for the presence of useless plastic disk in the hands). And as time shows (the existence of the same stim) has not yet taken it from anyone "rental" version (number). Amusing people who think differently.

Well, the corpses can deprive you of the numbers, and the physical copy, as you called the plastic, you will have

Among people who continue to believe corporations and think if you rent a car, having paid for it, it will belong to them

Amusing people who carry some heresy who has nothing to do with the topic of discussion, to the content of the com. At least you read the comments that you answer? I doubt very much.

Not true. You also rent a physical copy. This is directly stated in the licensed agreement to the games of the Sony Console, for example, everything is spelled out there. Your purchase of physical discs to the console is considered rental. Although you have a disk in your hands, in fact on your hands only a physical copy of the license you bought. Even on physical media you buy only a license. The only difference is that, unlike the digital version, now a copy of the license is on your disk and you seem to hold it in your hands. But this is still the same rental as purchases in the same stem.

And for example, in GOG you buy not a use license, but a specific product without the end of the license. GOG provides an eternal license without ending. Therefore, you buy it in gog, not rent. GOG guarantees that the entire digital product you have purchased can be used even in case of closing the GOG service. This is called a purchase.

Each physical product has "license", where it is spelled out, you bought or still rented, and for how long. The difference between rental and purchase in validity. The purchase is valid forever. But the rent is finite. The fact of owning a physical copy does not mean that you bought a product.

GOG guarantees that the entire digital product you have purchased can be used even in case of closing the GOG service.

But this is only if you, having downloaded the game, save it. No? Or it can still be downloaded even after the service is closed?

And the second: what, buying in GOG gives the right to resell an unlimited number of times?

The developers of the role -playing game ENSHROUDED showed construction and terraforming in the new gameplay video

Keen Games developers presented a new trailer with a detailed description of the gameplay, which gives the players the opportunity to look deeper at the possibilities of building and terraforming in the role -playing game Enshrouded. Using their own game engine and quekes, players can build bases as simple or carefully as they want, even forming the land surrounding them in accordance with them. This second detailed review shows various tools and approaches to reveal the creative freedom of players when creating Enshrouded.

The construction of the database is an important aspect not only for survival, but also for the prosperity in the world of Enshrouded. Construction tools offer many options: some unique and easy -to -use, some acquaintances, but surpassing those that are usually found in the survival genre. Construction can be simple or difficult to choose players – for those who want to build their home faster, drawings of elements such as stairs, door frames and ceilings are available, while builders who like a more accurate approach can also edit bricks behind a brick, giving each foundation individuality. Thanks to the use of stationers, each new element organically fits into the overall structure, providing exciting and holistic experience in Embervale, regardless of the fact that players will decide to build.

After the overall structure is built, players can decorate their masterpieces of more than 100 details, including trophies of killed bosses, as a decor to demonstrate progress. Various categories of furniture used for decoration are not only cosmetic in nature, but also give the players a stronger, rested effect when they go to their next adventure in Enshrouded.

The setting is not limited to the buildings themselves – players can bring their bases to a new level using the instruments of forming the landscape inside and around their buildings, forcing the landscape to work on them. Use the Earth to create farm fields to grow prescription ingredients using the correct soil type so that the reserves are always ready for the next adventure. Players can dig deeper to cut part of the mountain, to build an underground den hidden from sunlight, add basement levels to a great castle surrounded by a moat, or even surround your base with a hilly area, using various types of terrain to invite others to or keep them away.

Players can leave their fortresses for solitude or share their spaces with friends. Enshrouded Players will meet various NPCs that can settle on their base, rewarding the player with additional craft capabilities, new recipes and even quests, building workshops and housing for them. NPC will respond to your bases, and they may need a certain level of comfort when visiting to help. Players can also invite friends to build, process, decorate, build or destroy in the group. When many hands do easy work, some can find a real building in a friendship tied along this path.

Enshrouded is developed for PC and will be released in early Steam in 2023.

Stylish Cyberpank-Excel Ghostrunner 2 will have modest system requirements

Continuation of the sensational cyberpunk-beer Ghostrunner with a first-person view from the One More Level studio has an excellent graphic component. The developers in the first part achieved an impressive picture thanks to the capabilities of Unreal Engine, and with the output of Ghostrunner 2, it should only become better. Despite the advanced visual capabilities of the project, there will be enough of a completely budget PC to launch it. The authors of the project shared complete system requirements that pleasantly surprise.

Against the backdrop of modern releases, Ghostrunner 2 has very modest recommendations for PC configuration to launch the game. In minimal system requirements, the developers indicated the level of the GeForce GTX 960 level on 4 GB or Radeon RX 480 by 8 GB, which corresponds to most projects in Steam.

System requirements


    • 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 64x
    • CPU: Intel Core i5-4590, AMD FX-8350 or equivalent
    • RAM: 8GB
    • Video card:GeForce GTX 960 or Radeon RX 480
    • DirectX: Versions 12
    • Place on the disk: 65 GB


      • 64-bit processor and operating system
      • OS: Windows 10/11
      • CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K, AMD Ryzen 5 5600x or similar
      • RAM: 16 GB
      • Video card: GeForce RTX 2070 Super or Radeon RX 6800 XT
      • DirectX: Versions 12
      • Place on the disk: 65 GB

      Ghostrunner also says the specified recommended requirements for the graphic chip in favor of the good optimization of the sequel. The game will work excellent on video cards of the year before lasting: GeForce RTX 2070 Super and Radeon RX 6800 XT, while for other projects often indicate the RTX 30XX or even RTX 40xx series.

      Hardcore slasher Ghostrunner 2 will be released on October 26 on a PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

      Ed Bun Trollite fans about the new Mortal Kombat

      Against the backdrop of rumors about the imminent announcement of the game Mortal Kombat, co -author of the franchise Ed Bun Trollite fans on Twitter. Buna playful behavior in social networks is not a surprise for Mortal Kombat fans. The chief creative director of Netherrealm Studios is well known for hinting, teasing and winking about what the studio is working on now. Now, when the announcement will potentially soon take place, Bun took the opportunity to add a little good humor until everything went crazy.

      The last rumors regarding the upcoming announcement of the Netherrealm Studios project have reached the apogee this week. The new hearing claims that Netherrealm is developing a soft reboot Mortal Kombat 1, based on the plot events of Mortal Kombat 11. In addition, rumors claim that Mortal Kombat 1 is preliminarily scheduled for September, and the announcement will take place in just a few weeks.

      While Bun himself was the reason for many rumors about Mortal Kombat over the past month, today he decided to troll the fans, saying: "Ummm. For the protocol. We never confirmed that our next game is Mortal Kombat". At the same time in the word "Konfirmed" letter "K". The message is accompanied by a gif J. John Jameson performed by J. TO. Simmons from the film "Spider-Man 2" 2004.

      Many are now wondering what boon hints at. Is Netherrealm it is possible in the near future to announce something that is not related to Mortal Kombat. Others do not believe in the trolling of the bun and believe that he is simply funny.

      Bun often wrote about Mortal Kombat over the past few weeks. One of the last teaser tweets shows a clock jumping from 11:00 to 1:00, completely skipping 12:00. It is accompanied by a message: "Does anyone know what time is now? #Mortalkombat". In another post, he thanks fans in honor of the 30th anniversary of Mortal Kombat and mentions "(not very thin) hint of what will happen next. #Mortalkombat".

      It is possible that in the tweet buna there is something more than it seems at first glance. Perhaps this will not be the very game Mortal Kombat, which is expected by fans. Perhaps she will have a modified name, subtitle or she will be more like Injustice with the intersection of DC characters. However, there is a chance that Bun is just having fun and the trolls of Mortal Kombat fans. In any case, soon we will have to find out for sure.

      Update release 1.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

      Update 1.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 came out and is now available on Steam. This update contains errors, changes and new content.

      Alteration of Germany

      As part of the current German processing project, developers presented several processed cities in this open beta version. The cities of Hamburg, Vincen, Travemynde, Kil and Rostock were seriously processing from scratch, including the capital restructuring of road networks surrounding them, attractions, industrial enterprises and much more.

      It also includes the long -awaited Feldbinder plant, where drivers will be able to conclude contracts with 2 new warehouses: one for the delivery of the necessary goods, spare parts and much more, and the other to receive new, just made, trailers for delivery to customers throughout Europe.

      Cities in the gallery

      In update 1.46 Developers presented the “Gallery” function, a universal place for all your images, phototrophes and detected viewing points, which supports all the obsolete functions of the older dispatcher of the screen images. Meet a new opportunity in the gallery!

      When you travel and discover many Cities Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can collect them on the new City Intros tab. After unlocking, you can look at which cities you have visited, as well as see and reproduce any of the city introductory videos, which are usually visible only when you first launch your first headquarters there.

      Recycled trailers

      The vehicles team found free capacities between other projects to also revise and process trailers that the game economy uses for transportation of various types of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, etc.D.

      Country research on countries

      Developers know how many drivers enjoy a complex task of 100% card research. This is not easy, so a new user interface window was added, access to which can be obtained by clicking the map of the map in the upper left corner of the world map.

      When you press it, a new window will open with a list of countries with their corresponding flags and the percentage of your study of each of them. We hope that this will help you find the missing roads in our constantly growing world Euro Truck Simulator 2.

      The ranges of the parameter slider

      Also, a new addition appeared on the game on the settings page of parameters in the Euro Truck Simulator 2. Now you will find a small field next to the slider, which displays the number on which it is set.

      Wizard of Input to manage the initial choice

      The developers processed the interface of the input wizard for choosing control elements and gave this installation window a simplified, but modern design. The new user interface will help new and old users go through the selection and settings process, which includes new icons and a clear description of each option.

      Electronic stability control (anti -lock brake system + traction control)

      Now you can find the addition of the anti -lock brake system and control of traction in the gameplay settings. These electronic stability control systems help the driver in various conditions and/or scenarios. The anti -lock brake system (ABS) weakens the brakes on wheels that are close to blocking. The anti -boom system (ASR or TRC) helps to prevent excess and insufficient rotation, and also provides an individual system for preventing the wheel slippage, which inhibits the slipping wheels.

      The anti -boom system also has a function of assistance when passing turns, which is activated with insufficient or excessive rotation. It slows down the inner rear wheels to prevent insufficient rotation, and the outer front wheel to prevent excessive rotation.

      Changes in the structure of mods

      This change is more aimed at the creators of mods in the community! The ability to create one mod for several DLCs has been added, regardless of which DLC actually the user has.

      If at least one of the subcatals or files (*.zip) The root is called “Base” or has a “dlc_” prefix, then these subcatals or files are mounted instead of a mod root. Red -workns also updated the SCS Workshop Uploader bootloader to reflect these changes. If the SCS Workshop bootloader detects a mod with a new structure, it performs additional checks.

      Tactical role -playing game BEAST received a new name and large content update

      The developer and publisher of FALSE Prophet released the second large content update for its gloomy step -by -step tactical role -playing game Beast, which is now called Beast: False Prophet to better reflect the true vision of the game.

      "This update will allow players to go through our game from beginning to end and get up to 40 hours of various missions. We hope that this will bring us enough sales so that we can continue to correct mistakes and polish the game until its final release in 2024", – said Peter Pachinko, founder of False Prophet Studio.

      In honor of the new name and content, the studio will provide the game with the most 40 % discount during the winter sale of Steam.

      Currently, the game is in early access, and its full launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2024. FALSE Prophet developers work closely with players to ensure the best experience for players in anticipation of full -fledged launch.

      In addition to the name of the studio, False Prophet now serves as a subtitle of the game due to its deep connection with the plot. Throughout the journey of the protagonist Anton in the plot, he has to discover the truth among a huge number of lies – hence the name False Prophet. The game takes place in turpects in the dark, and inspired by the Carpathian legends. In Beast: False Prophet, there is only less or greater evil.

      Beast: False Prophet offers two main methods of the game: either play safely and focus on team tactics, or untie the beast and rush into a total brutal assault. Each of these options has its pros and cons, so you will have to choose wisely, depending on how events will develop on the battlefield. Playing safe, your allies can get various buffs. When the counter of insanity reaches its threshold, you will have the opportunity to turn into a beast by releasing your inner demon, and gain access to destructive attacks to shred the enemies. Although transformation into a beast gives you more strength, enemies become less predictable and receive additional abilities.

      26 abilities of the beast, 60 types of weapons, 16 companions, 45 playable missions – all this will allow you to enjoy the 40 -hour passage of Beast: False Prophet.

      Beast: False Prophet is available in early access on Steam and GOG and compatible with Steam Deck. Within the framework of the winter sale of Steam, which will begin on December 21, the biggest discount will be valid for the game from the moment of release.

      A new space RPG was published in Steam, in which the player can become the boss of his own military company

      On October 2, Quasimorph, hardcore step-by-step Roguelike in a science fiction setting, inspired by the films “Alien” and “Through the Horizon”, was released to early access. In the role of the commander of the PMC detachment, you have to comply with the contracts of megacorporations in the world of the victorious anarchy-capitalism.

      Solar system on the edge of the apocalypse? Make a profit from this! We have at hand fighters-clones, for whom murders, abduction and blackmail-how to go for bread. Did not give out dryers for the mission? It’s okay, cannibalism is not a vice. And cloning in this universe is such an affordable technology that it is more expensive to evacuate the operative from the object than to grow new. Let him make money on a return ticket, collecting valuable Khabar at the station!

      The gameplay looks as follows: select a planet or satellite in the solar system, fly there, we take a peaceful or combat mission, choose an operative, its equipment, class and fly to a randomly generated level. Prisons, factories and other obvious to the gloomy sai-fi of the future biomes are inhabited by people and quasiMorphs-demons from local warp (very roughly speaking).

      From enemies, what they used to use. No you halbard from rats a la Diablo. Opponents have the same zonal damage system as the character of the player. Enemies can bleed, die from infection or remain without cartridges. The rules are one for both parties, and this honesty captures. The error price is extremely high: one shot can break your life. Let not immediately, but with a pierced light or sepsis, far from gone.

      At the death of the operative on the task, you lose everything that was on it, all the progress, without the ability to return behind the corpse. The more deaths, the more difficult it will be the subsequent clones, and you, as a player. The first fighter flies out on a task in the body armor, with a spacious backpack and two types of weapons. Fifth – in a T -shirt (without pants) and with a knife.

      There is a metaprogation in the game: you need to take out special chips from the level containing the consciousness of fighters or a recipe previously inaccessible to the production of objects on a ship. Yes, it is possible and necessary to produce cartridges-macarons right on the ship, the range of which in the debut is scented. At first, the choice of operatives is small at first. Everyone, by the way, with a unique feature (for example, immunity to infections) and different characteristics (health, calories, etc.). During the passage, gamers have to explore planetary bases, secret laboratories and fragments of spacecraft.

      You can buy Quasimorph in Steam for 629 rubles, taking into account the discount of 10% (valid until October 9).

      Bethesda introduced 5 new companions and romantic options in Starfield

      The recent presentation of Starfield Direct confirmed five new companions for a science fiction role-playing game with the open world of Starfield, as well as romantic game options. As in past games, Bethesda, Starfield will allow players to hire companions who will accompany them in their adventures. Nevertheless, Starfield displays a system of partners to a new level, allowing players to organize a whole team for their spacecraft.

      Bethesda showed a couple of Starfield companions with previous views of the game, revealing the Vasco robot and the return of the adoring fan of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. However, Starfield players will be able to hire much more companions, each of which has unique abilities.

      Starfield companions shown in the presentation of Starfield Direct include Sarah Morgan, which specializes in astrodynamics, lasers, leadership and botany; Sam COU, space cowboy, specializing in certification of manned rifles, useful loads and geology; Barrett, specializing in the development of spacecraft, weapons systems with radiation particles, robotics and gastronomy; Marika Boros, who specializes in certification of shotgun, ballistics and weapons with radiation particles; And finally, Heller, who specializes in the geology and construction of avantosts.

      List of company companions Starfield

      • Adoring a fan
      • Barrett
      • Heller
      • Marika Boros
      • Sam Cow
      • Sarah Morgan
      • Vasco

      Starfield players will be able to meet these companions during their adventures in various ways. Some of them can be found during the execution of quests, others can be found in spaceport and hired as crew members. Others can find one of the thousands of the Starfield planets. It is not clear what is the limit of the number of companions, or what restrictions can be for research with companions, but more these details should become known as the game release is approached.

      Of course, there will be some companions that are positioned as more important than others. It was confirmed that some Starfield companions will have unique chains of tasks with the opportunity to tie a novel with them. A potential novel was shown in Starfield Direct, where Sam Cow Soldal for the female role of the player Starfield. Sexual orientation will probably be taken into account when it comes to determining which of which of the Starfield satellites you can get an affair, but at the moment this is just an assumption.

      Project Zomboid developers talk about improving books and new machines

      Over the past two weeks, a lot of work has been done on the technical side of the four main pillars of 42 builds – we described them in past weeks, now we will run away along them.

      At the moment, the main code for a deep remake of craft systems is brought into a state in which the team responsible for multiplayer will become easier to implement its achievements. At the same time, the team engaged in optimization/lighting/height continues to correct various mistakes, including problems with conflict and how the isometry system processes 32 potential floors.

      As for the updating of the multiplayer, the work on transferring manipulations with players inventory continues (construction, recipes, etc. D.) from the client to the server, as well as an improvement in the implementation (currently almost completely ready) new fishing mini-games and systems. Pets are at the stage of correcting errors, while special attention is paid to their search for paths and shoots.

      While all this continues, other team members are working on improving the quality of the game on a smaller scale, so let’s now consider some of their developments.


      One way to give the cities more individuality is to add more written literature that can be scored and read-whether it is a fully readable item for a game of a game or just a book with an interesting name (unreadable) found in some house. This will help to deepen your understanding of the past life of a person who lived in this house (and whom you just killed because he became a zombie).

      A number of newspapers will be presented in the assembly 42, each of which has three or four last issues that can be taken and read in a separate “written content interface”. They will contain news articles on the initial preparation for the Knox Event incident, articles about everyday life, and even several grains of information about what is actually happening.

      It will also include publications of smaller scale: for example, brochures of “city news” for small settlements that cannot be called a full -fledged newspaper.

      In addition, the team had a wonderful person named Stewart, who took all tiny signs-vyotypes on the maps and converted them into more suitable forms for use both in the game and in reality. Their first use in the game is Local Business leaflets, which can also be read through the same user “written content interface”.

      Obviously, there are not so many of them, but their role in the gameplay is to note interesting locations (and sources of potentially useful loot) on the intra -game map.

      If you find a leaflet with an advertisement for membership, say, in the West Maple suburban club and open it on the player’s map, this will give an occasion to leave the city for new players and go research. Or, for example, the announcement of work for the logging of McCoy and the corresponding opening of the map of the card can mark a suitable place where you can potentially get an ax.

      There are a lot of things on the PZ map, and the developers wanted to find a way to send people to some of them.


      The developers also really want us to feel interest in the dead people whose houses we are ate, and perhaps even saddened by their death. For these purposes, they add much more different icons for books, comics and magazines that those people read, and to the photographs that they carefully kept in houses.

      There is a hope that when the tags of these 1,500 new literary objects will unite with a random generator of random stories, cute small stories about the people who lived here until recently – and possibly, which we had just killed and left to rot at our heads, will be formed in our heads kitchen floor.

      Perhaps these people read Laura’s book Paloma “Long -term treatment of diseases”, which tells about the home medicine cabinet.

      Perhaps their love for military history is connected with weapons, or maybe players will be pleased to know that the zombies in the garden read tresh thrillers.

      In the same way, finding photographs, which are simply called “photos” in the closet, will not bring you much benefit, but instead viewing “photos of a smiling family” or “Photos of a wedding car approaching the church”, as the developers hope, will serve as an atmosphere and add Emotions to players. There are about five hundred such photos, and they already give some amazing (doomed) shade to ordinary lutania.

      There are also six new television channels, a new radio station and 75 new video cassettes ready for implementing the game (all of them are written by Pat_bren, who is also an architect of all of the above with the Blair Algol coder), so we can safely say that 42 builds will significantly expand the possibilities of narrative in Game.

      Some other changes associated with the above:

      • Books, magazines and comics, which now have individual names, will also remain constant. Instead of leaving after reading, there will be a recovery period, which determines how much time it should pass before re -reading can again remove boredom/stress and t.D.
      • In connection with the revision of literary objects, the mechanics of the “illiterate” Perku was revised. Illiterate characters cannot read literature, but in some cases, such as comics, catalogs, photographs and “some magazines”, they can enjoy viewing pictures of a literary subject, instead of reading it. In 42 builds, illiterate characters will also not be able to read or write notes generated by the player using sheets of paper or notebooks, write notes on the maps (although they can still apply symbols on them), read the text on the announced elements of the map or understand information about the nutritional value of packaged food.
      • The need for reading light was implemented. If the character is not enough light and does not have an active light source, he will not be able to read (or “see”, if illiterate) literature, will not be able to read the information about food on packaged food and will not be able to open the card.


      Part of the above was ensuring that the right newspapers and brochures appear in the corresponding cities, and therefore the developers have created a new system of municipal areas, which exactly reports to gaming systems, in which area there is each place in the game.

      For this, some new vehicles belonging to local enterprises that appear only in their hometown and the associated region are also used.

      As a rule, the developers did not talk about this function, but in many builds there are “professional” cars on the map owned by carpenters, locksmiths and electricians – they all * leave * tools in their car at night.

      However, the developers never noted something else – for players looking for certain objects, cars are mobile chests with treasures. Therefore, Martin has created many new vehicles for different enterprises, in order to hint more heavily at what lutus can be found inside.

      There are cars for various utilities, national and local enterprises – many of them appear only in one city, and some are unique in that only one copy of this car appears in the world.

      Developers know that PZ players like to assemble vehicles, especially in the multiplayer, so this should revive the hunting for collectors of vehicles. This regional system and a system of unique vehicles are configured so that they can easily use models.

      Sighs, wheezing, puffing

      Permanent readers know that recently the developer team had their own sound recording session in a studio with microphones, actors and everything else.

      There were several tasks that had to be fulfilled – the main of them was to get the notes of the surviving man and the surviving woman who puffed, grunts, received injuries, climbed things, sneezed, coughing and even shouted “hey”!”.

      The first fruits of this can be heard below, and the developers believe that new sounds will add a lot to our common game experience as soon as they get into build 42.

      (Please note: work in the process. Volume and balance levels are initial and will change, also some notes sound better than others, and the developers have not yet chosen the best.)

      Creative Director of Dune: AWAKENING describes what the battles and survival in the MMO-sandwich will be

      In the film Denis Vilnev "Dune" It is emphasized that military operations on Arrakis are carried out using rather contrasting types of battle. When the soldiers of the House of Atreides and the Harkonnen houses are faced in the film, the aircraft conduct an artillery shelling from above, and the warriors protected by Holzman shields are duly with old -fashioned blades below. This is a feeling of battles taking place on several, intersecting the fronts, what a multi -user game of Dune’s survival is aimed at: Awakening, trying to convey this feeling.

      In an interview with PC Gaming Show, creative director Joel Bailos describes a game that will develop from a lonely outcast, stealing with a knife, cutting people to steal water from them, before a total war.

      By the end of the game, perhaps you drive a guild, you have a park of vehicles, ornithopterers fly in construction, sandy motorcycles are carried through the desert under them, tanks raise a cloud of dust when you go to a bunch of spices in the distance to harvest with your guild. In the distance you see another guild that approaches you. And at the time of the collision, you hear the rumble of an approaching sandworm. This is the fight in Dune: AWAKENING.

      This is a scenario according to which your standard hot panel of reloading abilities will not be able to justify the situation. That is why the director of the game Williar Sommerbakk says: "The battle in our game is much more chill and intensive than, for example, in MMO". Funcom relies on previous experience and knowledge: Sommerbakk was a world designer in Anarchy Online, and Bailos was a creative director at Conan: Exiles, and both worked as designers in Age of Conan.

      Such intensive, intersecting battles is one of the five pillars, on which, according to the developers, Dune is being built: AWAKENING. Five pillars are survival, politics and intrigues, an endless study, combined arms fight, expression and configuration.

      Both Bailos and Sommerbakk seek to emphasize the role of survival, in particular, thirst, which, like a battle, will be of great importance.

      Water discipline is an important part of survival. In the beginning, it can just be water for yourself, and at the end you may need an industrial water level, because you industrialized your base. Storms are also an important part of survival. At the very beginning, you need to find a shelter, because you have nothing.

      Although the construction of the base will ensure asylum later, you will never cease to be reasons to go out and fight for spices.

      In the end, you can even saddle storms in the desert to access unique resources. But you always need to return, and every time you go out, you must be careful with a worm. Because if the worm caught you, nothing will remain of you, and you will not leave anything after you.

      Here on such a cheerful note you can finish. Dune: AWAKENING will appear on Steam, where you can add the game to the list of desired now.