“Hello boyars!”: The authors of” Troubles “answered users’ questions and showed fragments of gameplay

Today, July 28, 2023, the creators "Troubles" From the Cyberia Nova studio, a diary of developers was published in which they decided to answer "to boyar questions" users from VK groups of the game. In this video, the authors of the Troubles also showed small fragments of gameplay, battles and Kitszen.

Hello boyars! Meet the second video from the cycle of diaries of the developers “Troubles”, which contains answers to boyar questions.

The project has no exact release date, but not so long ago the developers said that the development "Troubles" located in the middle of the way.

I hope they succeed!

Me too! A rare developer who properly hits a brow in front of a PC boyars, ahah))

With a mustache that they will get on the console today, we have to lick us, do not flatter

Wait, not all money is washed back yet

Always when I see the name of the game in such a font, read as fuss))))

Hope, ours Everything will turn out as it should. It will be extremely interesting look on the final result.

P.S. Not gods burn pots.

P.S. The road will master the walking, and not aching.

I would advise supporting worthy games and developers, and not just those from UK.

Why advice? Meaning? Troubles look like a decent suitable game, judging by the merged personnel of the gameplay. The developers have already proved that they are worthy of support. And by this, your advice in the context of Troubles looks never in place.

The paragraph you blurted out..

In historical games, it is very important not only material historical content – clothes, armor, weapons, city, events and the like, but also the historical reconstruction of social relations. For example, boyar in a conversation with a commoner or lower in social. the stairs (for example with a nobleman) will never allow himself to actively gesticulate, wave his hands and raise his voice since such actions do not correspond to his status. If the game is in the game, then he should move calmly, speak quietly and slowly, with dignity in his position. The society of that period is very hierarchy due to the existence of estates and such an important thing as localism and this is an active component of the atmosphere of the narrative. I really hope that in this game at least at the minimum level it will be taken into account, such as with a stretch, it was implemented in Kingdom Come.
I want the people of XVII to be people of their time, and not our contemporaries transferred to another era. I hope that the creators have a competent historical consultant.

The absence of such a topic, by the way, is very sinful by my favorite Assassin’s Creed series, where material culture is awesomely restored, but everything is very bad with a demonstration of social ties. Especially in the last parts. It is sadly amused when the Vikings and the Saxons (including Tenes, Eldermen and Yarlov, Kings and Konongs) talk like boys from the paddle well or something like that.

It is sadly amused when the Vikings and the Saxons (including Tenes, Eldermen and Yarlov, Kings and Konongs) talk like boys from the paddle well or something like that.

Stupid example. It is immediately clear that you have no idea what you are talking about.

If people in the game are really from your time, then you will not play such a game, if you are not a historian, of course, because at that time the English language was very different from today. You will not elementary not understand the speech of the characters of the game. Therefore, the task of developers to comply with the balance between eras. Do not go over a stick with historicity. I doubt very much that all people of that time in Rus’ followed certain rules of their status. Do you really believe that the boyar always behaved as it is appropriate to behave the boyar by status? Yes, I will not believe in this in life.

For even today not everyone behaves as it is appropriate to behave according to the status. Today’s presidents are sometimes swearing, gesticulating and laughing, and sometimes they insult the leaders of other states, entire peoples, journalists can even send for an uncomfortable issue live. Although, it would seem, there is status, there is a certain etiquette. But it is not observed even in the modern world. What to say then about the Time of Troubles in Rus’, when most of the boyars were not even educated. If you can read and write, this was already considered a good education.

Assassin’s Creed In this regard, it copes remarkably. On the one hand, we have various historical eras, but on the other hand, all characters communicate in a language that is understandable to a modern person. I’m not saying that this is historical in terms of the era. I’m talking about the fact that it will be not historians, but ordinary people, first of all, to play games. So any game in any historical era should speak in a simple language that is understandable to us today, and not in some historical one from a particular era. We will play today, not 400 years ago. The task of the game about the historical era to convey the spirit of that era, and not reproduce it 100%. For 100% reconstruction will not be interesting in terms of gameplay. Games are not a history textbook.

Kingdom Come Deliverance managed to perfectly observe the balance between historicity and modernity. On the one hand, the game about a particular era, but on the other hand, the game with us speaks in the language that we understand. And it is right. Because we are simple players, first of all, and not historians.

The post -apocalyptic shooter Once Human received a new gameplay trailer. ZBT will be held in the winter of 2023

Starry Studio has released a tempting new gameplay trailer for her new survival game in the sandbox with the Open World Once Human. The game takes place in the post -apocalyptic world suffering from alien matter, known as “star dust”. The game offers players to move around the complex open world, where the survivors are constantly at risk. The developers also announced the beta testing plan, which is planned for the winter of 2023.

As for the new content, the trailer for the gameplay not only demonstrates exciting battles with monstrous creatures and amazing visual elements, but also raises intriguing questions: why is a giant hand sticking out of the sky? Like ruins, once splashed at night, are now restored in the light? Presenting excerpts from the gaming scene, the trailer effectively creates a feeling of secrets and evil forebodings, adding an apocalyptic atmosphere.

The new trailer also offers to look at the intriguing game mechanics of the game. Players can throw a fishing line into calm water, enjoying a peaceful pursuit of fish, or test a surge of adrenaline, controlling the van on the post -apocalyptic landscape. These options for the gameplay prompt the players to explore and solve the riddles that are waiting ahead. Thanks to the larger number of game mechanics that can be found in the game, players will probably be fascinated by the variety of impressions of the proposed impressions.

Starry Studio also announced the new beta testing once Human, appointed for the winter of 2023. Although the details, such as the duration of the test, have not yet been disclosed, interested players may remain in the course of events by subscribing to the official ONCE Human platforms on social networks. Beta testing will offer the chosen number of participants the opportunity to plunge into the gloomy-bombing world once Human until its full launch on the PC in Steam, planned for the third quarter of 2024.

In Once Human, players fall into a well -realized, dynamic world, where realistic weather and lighting create an exciting background. The world was devastated by star dust, as a result of which the landscape is teeming with monstrous creatures and contaminated resources. Players are offered a choice: either cooperate with others for survival, or create a powerful weapon to rob supplies from opponents. The actions of players significantly affect the world: their battles determine the fate of NPC fractions, and their construction work constantly change the landscape.

According to rumors, Crimson Desert will be released in the second quarter of 2025

Crimson Desert, the coming action-RPG with the open world from the Pearl Abyss Black Desert developer, was reported that it was postponed from the initial output in the second quarter of 2024 for the second quarter of 2025. The release date has not yet been specified, but the fans may have to wait for some more time, as the studio transferred the release of the game for one year with another game, Dokev.

According to Insight Korea, Pearl Abyss transferred the release of Crimson Desert (which she calls Red Desert) for one year. Although there was no specific reason for the delay, the report says that the developer wants to release more marketing materials to give players the best idea of ​​the game. New gameplay personnel were shown at the Gamescom exhibition in August, but fans, obviously, still want to see more fragmented gameplay.

Crimson Desert launch timelines were transferred one year in advance – to 2 quarter of 2025 from 2 quarters of 2024 to reflect the neutral level, and the total sales, including appropriate sales in the first quarter, remained at the same level, based on the global reviews of users from the global reviews of users published intra -game videos. However, since the video released on Gamescom in August, users continued to demand more detailed versions of intra -game videos, not fragments, so there may be an unfavorable situation in terms of user confidence and global attention if more than six months have passed since the Gamescom has passed.

Pearl Abyss General Jin Yun Heo confirmed at the beginning of this year that the game will be released at the end of 2023 to be in time for the festive season. At first, for unknown reasons, the release of the game was postponed to the second quarter of 2024, but now there was another annual delay, as a result of which the game will be released in the second quarter of 2025 (this is the period from April to June).

Crimson Desert will be released in 2025 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage developers talked about the integration of historical elements into the game

The attractiveness of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is largely in the way real events are organically inscribed in it. At one time, Ubisoft came up with many cunning ways to weave real people and events into the plot, and with the release of Assassin’s Creed Mirage this trend will continue.

The other day, the ComicBook portal correspondent Chris Killian managed to chat with Sarah Bray, the artistic director of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Talking about the most significant heroes in the history of Basim, she settled on one of her loved ones – Ali Ibn Muhammad.

We slowly dug in books, turned to historians within the country and experts outside, found here and there some stories. And one of the first historical characters that I read about was Ali Ibn Muhammad, he is the leader of the uprising. The book about him was spoken only in a pair of lines. I remember I read these lines and realized that this character is so interesting in just two lines that I just have to do something with him", – Says the pain.

After that, we went deeper into this topic and began to learn more about the Uzanja uprising, whose leader he was. It was a very, very specific historical subtext that helped us link "Hidden" with a historical uprising that took place at that time. Thus, we have a good opportunity, and gradually we delved into the study of the caliphs of those times. A lot of caliphs were killed at that time. Obviously, this is attractive to the history of hidden. Digging in history, we gradually came to the plot, which is quite suitable for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

In how these elements from the real world are woven into the game, fans of the series will be able to see on October 5, when the release of Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be released. On this day, the game will appear on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Inveterate fans of the series can even purchase a special tactile gaming vest created based on the game that will allow players to feel different sensations on their body, which theoretically adds a much deeper level of immersion. This kit should go on sale on the same day and will include Assassin’s Creed Mirage download code.

For those who want to play a game in a portable format, it is better to wait until next year, since the game is one of several games presented for the iPhone 15. Unfortunately, the more specific release date is currently not announced.

According to the PlayTracker portal, the number of players in Starfield has already exceeded 2 million

At 3 a.m. Moscow time from Tuesday, a large start of Starfield will take place on Wednesday. However, according to the latest messages, Bethesda products have already reached two million players, and we can be sure that this is only the beginning.

Starfield was available in early access since last week, but in this situation the players had to buy a game in a more expensive edition, a collectible or special Premium Edition Upgrade, which gave access to the game Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Microsoft and Bethesda have not yet confirmed any details about the success of the adventure, but, according to the PlayTracker portal, Starfield "much" exceeded 1 million. Steam players and 1 million. players on Xbox and Microsoft Store. User data is received slowly and with delay.

We can be sure that millions of other people just bought "ordinary" The version, and even more gamers turned on the game through Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass. There is every reason to believe that the last adventure of Bethesda will be a huge success.

Of course, this is not official information, but just a rude calculation and we will have to wait for official data, but if you are interested, then how are the authors of PlayTracker describe the mechanics of their calculations:

InSight technology is based on the data sampling methodology, similar to the one used in political surveys around the world.

In the most general form, we calculate how many people in our sample have a game, and then extoling this indicator for the whole world to evaluate the total number of players. However, details are much more complicated.

PlayTracker leads two samples – its cross -platform correlated user database and a sliding sample of anonymous public profiles. However, none of these samples is truly random, since users must either register for PlayTracker or simply put their profile for public display, so such samples are not statistically representative.

To solve this problem, we use machine learning. Both samples are introduced into an algorithm that studies on the basis of publicly available data, such as reviews, the number of simultaneous players and, most importantly, confirmed data on the number of players, for example, when the publisher boasts of the number of sales.

Comparing tens of thousands of such reliable confirmed data points with data in our sample, the algorithm produces its understanding of which users are renewed or unpromected, and then correctly adjusts our grades.

On the other hand, many graphs use achievements data – for example, our schedule "New users over time". These data are taken directly from the database and are not affected by machine learning, so when using these data, you should remember this.

Officially: the new part of the Subnaautica is in development and will be released in the first half of 2025

Yesterday, Krafton published the results of its activities for 3 quarter of 2023. There are many games and franchises behind the publisher and developer, including PUBG, but some gamers look forward to news about the new part of Subnautica.

On one of the krafton presentation slides, we can see that the continuation of the game is developed by the Unknown Worlds Entertainment studio, and that its exit is planned for the first half of 2025. No other details, except that it will be released on a PC and consoles, no more.

In the coming years, Krafton, which has many studios, plans to increase production volumes and plans to release more than 32 games from 2024 to 2026.

The main thing is that it is at least the first part and not a terrible, cut second.

Expected, but I hope the outfits will not receive the development as in the second part, without really finishing the plot, and some important objects were removed – for example, they removed a teleport that could be installed somewhere and ultimately move between the gates in the blink of an eye. A very convenient thing, especially when you have several bases and you want to get into them quickly.
In general, both parts are very suitable survivors, a very worked out world with Fauna and Fauna. In the second part, it became possible to scrub and put a musical machine in its dwelling, which pleasantly diversified my apartments)
I hope in the next game there will be more living people, otherwise it is somehow not at all that no one really has no one, in the second part one barely added one person to the plot, but this is somehow few

Personally my opinion, but the first part was much better than BZ just because of the absence of other people. You explore the planet in complete solitude, not knowing whether there are other people or reasonable creatures, this is Sabna charm and gives a good atmosphere.

The second part has its advantages, but I also like the first. But when the second part passed, I liked the unexpected turn that there is still a person in the middle of all this seemingly uninhabited place, and this turn was pleasant.
I would like the third to be more and deeper, and yet there were at least a few people who could be saved and they would inhabit the base. Atmosphere B it did not spoil.
This and gameplay can diversify, since people would give out quests – depends on the developments how interesting they would be

Dark and Darker update adds a new glass system and weakens the bard again

Dark and Darker had one of the most unexpected releases this year, but he greatly pleased excited fans. After launching a role -playing game in the dark fantasy genre, Ironmace Games regularly issued corrections that improve the game that add functions and ensure the convenience of the game. The latest update is already available and includes many corrections, class changes and new functions of the gameplay. Players for bards will also notice that the patch is even more weaken by a long -range class class.

The recent correction of Dark and Darker, update 17, really weakens the bard, changing the cost, duration and speed of its skills and abilities. Far battle class was repeatedly weakened by the developer of the role -playing game to help better balance the damage caused by the player. However, changes in class balance are not the only changes that are waiting for us.

The developer’s message further explains what to expect from updating. Ironmace states that “quite satisfied with the improved loss of prey, stimulating players to enter the dungeons“. However, the team believes that “There were too many treasures in the chests“,”which led to an excess of gold in the economy without enough built -in cash“. To fight this, developer “reduced the likelihood of drops of treasures and trinkets of chests“.

Further, the developer reports that the studio also decided “test two major experimental changes“. Ironmace releases “Temporary system of leaders“, Which should be”Less complicated“Than her predecessors. In turn, the developer wants to collect data to help build a “real” upcoming ranking system, which “scheduled for the next big patch“. Ironmace is also experimenting with “The first pool of selection of equipment based“Dark and Darker and introduces a temporary restriction on equipment for conventional dungeons.

The studio states that “well aware” about the possible shortcomings that may arise as a result of these adjustments, but “is interested in collecting these data”. In addition to the new bard weakening, experimental functions and changes in the frequency of loss, the developer also solved a number of common problems. Below you can familiarize yourself with the main points from official notes to the patch.

You can find the notes for the patch on the official Dark and Darker Discord server provided by Ironmace Games, as well as the developer’s full accompanying message about new experimental functions and changes in treasure loss.

Free distribution of the step -by -step strategy Endless Legend in Steam began

Amplitude studios began a free distribution of a step -by -step strategy Endless Legend In Steam. The game has 84% ​​of “very positive” reviews.

To get Endless Legend, gamers need to create an account on the studio’s official website, tie Steam account and pick up the game.

Anyone can pick up the game in the collection, from today from today to January 24 inclusive.

The game will be added to you immediately to the Steam account, no keys are given.
What is needed to pick up the game?
1-We go to the site amplitude studios amplifiers-Powered by Games2Gether (amplitoud-Studios.com) and register a new account, or go into an existing.
2 – We go to our account settings (settings) and there in the “Connections” section, we attach our Steam account. Binding of an account is a prerequisite! Without this, the game will not be given to you!
3- After that we go to the REWARDS section (amplitude-Studios.com) and click on the picture Endless Legend. A window with a game obtaining button will open. Click on the button and redirects us to the Steam website for entering the Steam account and confirmation of receiving the game.
4- You will be offered to add the game to the Steam account. Click “Allow” and you are added to the game to your Steam account
5- Check the addition of the game on the account on Steam itself. We click on our nickname in the upper right corner, then click “On the Account” and in the section “Licenses and activation of keys.»Check the addition of the game” Endless Legend ™ -retal -[Digital] (ww) “to your account.

The game should appear in your Steam library.
Endless Legend itself in Steam is not available for buying in the region of the region, but activating a free copy successfully takes place both on the ru and other like Kazakhstan and others. CIS countries.

In the strategy, you can choose one of eight civilizations with your own stories. Users have to perform tasks and fight for existence in a world that is generated randomly.

Hearing: Grand Theft Auto 6 can be the most expensive game of all time

New rumors have recently appeared that the GTA 6 development cycle will cost Rockstar $ 1-2 billion. This will easily make her the most expensive game in history, ahead of Destiny (2014 – $ 500 million.), Cyberpunk 2077 (2020 – $ 330 million.) and Modern Warfare 2 (2009 – $ 310 million.).

Even Grand Theft Auto 5, published in 2013, cost Rockstar only $ 250 million. But when the game came out, it raised more than $ 1 billion in just three days – so it can be confidently said that the exorbitant fee for the development was well -deservedly returned.

If the rumors are true, then the GTA 6 will become the most expensive game from the ever developed. In addition, this is the most long -awaited game in history, and for more than ten years players have not departed from GTA 5, desperately waiting for specific news about the development of the next game of the series.

For the first time, the hacker was announced about this amount by the Early Build of the game, but on May 9 this year, Dexerto Gaming reported on her Twitter about the leak of the Grand Theft Auto 6 budget leak. A few days earlier, on May 3, 2023, the famous YouTuber Game Inter discussed this topic in one of his videos on YouTube. According to the blogger, the initial cost of developing the upcoming game was estimated at about $ 250 million. But if you take into account marketing, promotion and other expenses, then the total amount will easily exceed a billion dollars. And during the proceedings on the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard transaction, it turned out that now the budget of some AAA-IGR exceeds 1 billion. dollars.

After a large -scale leak last year, as a result of which 100 GB of data got into the network, Rockstar Games had no more left for the one to admit that it was working on the next Grand Theft Auto game, but that was all ending. There were no indications of where the game will take place, what chronology it will adhere to, how many main characters will be in it or how the GTA 6 multi -user modes will look like.

However, apparently, a large -scale marketing campaign looms on the horizon. It is reported that Take -Two – the mother company Rockstar Games – plans to conduct a campaign in Miami, the state of Florida – it is there, according to rumors, the action of GTA 6 will take place, only in the GTA universe it is called "Vice City".

At the time of the publication of Take-Two, about $ 21 billion costs, so about 1.5 billion dollars spent on the development of GTA 6 for ten years do not seem unrealistic-especially if you take into account how much this game will work when it finally comes out.

The Ion Fury retro-player will receive the AFTERSHOCK on October 2 on PC

The AFTERSHOCK expansion package for Ion Fury will be released on PC in Steam and GOG on October 2, publishers of 3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing, as well as the VoidPoint developer. The release date of versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch was not announced.

Having defeated Heskel in his previous adventure, Shearrison decides to celebrate this in a local bar. When the explosions interrupt her delicious drink, she rushes to look for Heskel on a monstrous aircraft, crazy when he flies away to the mushroom -shaped cloud on the horizon.

Instinctively, she reaches for her revolver “lover”, takes it off and looks for the fastest transport that can only find – a smooth and powerful high -speed soaring motorcycle, armed with “drunken self -wagging plasma missiles”. Shezkel’s struggle continues: new zones for research are waiting for you, new dangerous enemies, new weapons for their destruction and amazing battles on high -speed vehicles.

Like classic extensions, AFTERSHOCK offers a completely new arrangement mode. Regardless of whether you play Ion Fury for the first time or again, select the “Arranging” mode to experience the original game, but now supplemented by new enemies, weapons and many others.

Oh, already tomorrow, cool.

it would not be right to Duke who did not sell the rights and in this way they continued the series

Minigans in 2 hands are weak like serious sam?))

It would be more graphonically – I would even take it, but.

Duck in the visual chip, this is literally the heiress of Duke Nukem 3D

Here "chip" Systemshock remake was unraveling, although, really, even in this form, the game is cooler than the bio -shock (now I pass Systemshock with pleasure, and I am surprised at the artificially worsened graphics). I understand that they wanted to pay tribute to the original game, where it is insanely terrible graphics by current standards, but why are these stupid huge pixels coexisting with 2004 graphics (doom 3), and plus the schedule-lighting more advanced? The remake is gorgeous, the game delays with its smooth thought -out atmosphere (although there are many illogical moments, for example, as a showman gives orders to his satellites, such as a voice sounding in his head with distortions). But why to pay off the visual, especially for young people who wanted to introduce to the origins of computer games? PS. If anything, I started playing games with a programmable calculator, such, year in 1987-88. There was no graphic interface at all, only the numbers at certain intervals of the time that must be guided by (if the remake of such a game wants to make, then that?) My verdict: there is no chip in this visual. The chip in the remake of Diablo 2, where you can switch one key between the past graphics and the current! But updated graphics – Guano by current standards. But visually, how to pay tribute to the old games – this must be applied intelligence and imagination, and not shitty pixels 128×128. For example, secret areas where graphics turn into the original.

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