Final Fantasy 16 – the first in the UK, but sales are much less than FF15 at the time of launch

Final Fantasy 16 is the best -selling game of the week in the UK, however, when starting, it is sold much less than the Final Fantasy 15, at least in the physical market.

There is no more complete data yet, but in the meantime, as usual, the editor of Gamesindustry Chris Dring said that the Final Fantasy 16 without much surprise was the best -selling game of the week in the United Kingdom.

However, according to Twit, the launch was not “especially strong”. The journalist explained that the sales of the physical copies of the Final Fantasy 16 were 74% lower than the sales of Final Fantasy 15, the previous head of the series.

It is obvious that in the data under consideration there are some differences: at the same time, we always and only talk about the British market and only regarding the physical market. In 2016, when the Final Fantasy 15 was launched, it represented most of the world market than now, while digital technologies have grown significantly over the years.

In addition, the Final Fantasy 15 was launched on the PS4 and Xbox One, while the new chapter is exclusive for PS5, although the physical sales of Square Enix games on Xbox in any case are not very high, so the comparison is not entirely fair.

This does not talk about the quality of the game, she will find her fans over time

RAPSIAL MOKE, not a game.

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A good plot game, the fighting is boring, enemies fall into the camp and do not do it, nonsense

Now everyone I know basically are taken in a number and this applies not only to consoles, but also by a PC, so it is most likely, the physical copies are simply not relevant for the majority, only for collectors they make sense and for those who do not have the opportunity to buy or pay in a number, plus everything is not always available discs in some regions, and they appear on the day of the release, they are not everywhere, moreover, they can also cost more than in the number.

You own a physical copy, and the figure, you rent

Nonsense, any physical copy on a PC (except Gogov) is designed for a particular store platform (Jupa, Steam, etc.e). No excellent from the number (except for the presence of useless plastic disk in the hands). And as time shows (the existence of the same stim) has not yet taken it from anyone "rental" version (number). Amusing people who think differently.

Well, the corpses can deprive you of the numbers, and the physical copy, as you called the plastic, you will have

Among people who continue to believe corporations and think if you rent a car, having paid for it, it will belong to them

Amusing people who carry some heresy who has nothing to do with the topic of discussion, to the content of the com. At least you read the comments that you answer? I doubt very much.

Not true. You also rent a physical copy. This is directly stated in the licensed agreement to the games of the Sony Console, for example, everything is spelled out there. Your purchase of physical discs to the console is considered rental. Although you have a disk in your hands, in fact on your hands only a physical copy of the license you bought. Even on physical media you buy only a license. The only difference is that, unlike the digital version, now a copy of the license is on your disk and you seem to hold it in your hands. But this is still the same rental as purchases in the same stem.

And for example, in GOG you buy not a use license, but a specific product without the end of the license. GOG provides an eternal license without ending. Therefore, you buy it in gog, not rent. GOG guarantees that the entire digital product you have purchased can be used even in case of closing the GOG service. This is called a purchase.

Each physical product has "license", where it is spelled out, you bought or still rented, and for how long. The difference between rental and purchase in validity. The purchase is valid forever. But the rent is finite. The fact of owning a physical copy does not mean that you bought a product.

GOG guarantees that the entire digital product you have purchased can be used even in case of closing the GOG service.

But this is only if you, having downloaded the game, save it. No? Or it can still be downloaded even after the service is closed?

And the second: what, buying in GOG gives the right to resell an unlimited number of times?