Ed Bun Trollite fans about the new Mortal Kombat

Against the backdrop of rumors about the imminent announcement of the game Mortal Kombat, co -author of the franchise Ed Bun Trollite fans on Twitter. Buna playful behavior in social networks is not a surprise for Mortal Kombat fans. The chief creative director of Netherrealm Studios is well known for hinting, teasing and winking about what the studio is working on now. Now, when the announcement will potentially soon take place, Bun took the opportunity to add a little good humor until everything went crazy.

The last rumors regarding the upcoming announcement of the Netherrealm Studios project have reached the apogee this week. The new hearing claims that Netherrealm is developing a soft reboot Mortal Kombat 1, based on the plot events of Mortal Kombat 11. In addition, rumors claim that Mortal Kombat 1 is preliminarily scheduled for September, and the announcement will take place in just a few weeks.

While Bun himself was the reason for many rumors about Mortal Kombat over the past month, today he decided to troll the fans, saying: "Ummm. For the protocol. We never confirmed that our next game is Mortal Kombat". At the same time in the word "Konfirmed" letter "K". The message is accompanied by a gif J. John Jameson performed by J. TO. Simmons from the film "Spider-Man 2" 2004.

Many are now wondering what boon hints at. Is Netherrealm it is possible in the near future to announce something that is not related to Mortal Kombat. Others do not believe in the trolling of the bun and believe that he is simply funny.

Bun often wrote about Mortal Kombat over the past few weeks. One of the last teaser tweets shows a clock jumping from 11:00 to 1:00, completely skipping 12:00. It is accompanied by a message: "Does anyone know what time is now? #Mortalkombat". In another post, he thanks fans in honor of the 30th anniversary of Mortal Kombat and mentions "(not very thin) hint of what will happen next. #Mortalkombat".

It is possible that in the tweet buna there is something more than it seems at first glance. Perhaps this will not be the very game Mortal Kombat, which is expected by fans. Perhaps she will have a modified name, subtitle or she will be more like Injustice with the intersection of DC characters. However, there is a chance that Bun is just having fun and the trolls of Mortal Kombat fans. In any case, soon we will have to find out for sure.