The developers of the role -playing game ENSHROUDED showed construction and terraforming in the new gameplay video

Keen Games developers presented a new trailer with a detailed description of the gameplay, which gives the players the opportunity to look deeper at the possibilities of building and terraforming in the role -playing game Enshrouded. Using their own game engine and quekes, players can build bases as simple or carefully as they want, even forming the land surrounding them in accordance with them. This second detailed review shows various tools and approaches to reveal the creative freedom of players when creating Enshrouded.

The construction of the database is an important aspect not only for survival, but also for the prosperity in the world of Enshrouded. Construction tools offer many options: some unique and easy -to -use, some acquaintances, but surpassing those that are usually found in the survival genre. Construction can be simple or difficult to choose players – for those who want to build their home faster, drawings of elements such as stairs, door frames and ceilings are available, while builders who like a more accurate approach can also edit bricks behind a brick, giving each foundation individuality. Thanks to the use of stationers, each new element organically fits into the overall structure, providing exciting and holistic experience in Embervale, regardless of the fact that players will decide to build.

After the overall structure is built, players can decorate their masterpieces of more than 100 details, including trophies of killed bosses, as a decor to demonstrate progress. Various categories of furniture used for decoration are not only cosmetic in nature, but also give the players a stronger, rested effect when they go to their next adventure in Enshrouded.

The setting is not limited to the buildings themselves – players can bring their bases to a new level using the instruments of forming the landscape inside and around their buildings, forcing the landscape to work on them. Use the Earth to create farm fields to grow prescription ingredients using the correct soil type so that the reserves are always ready for the next adventure. Players can dig deeper to cut part of the mountain, to build an underground den hidden from sunlight, add basement levels to a great castle surrounded by a moat, or even surround your base with a hilly area, using various types of terrain to invite others to or keep them away.

Players can leave their fortresses for solitude or share their spaces with friends. Enshrouded Players will meet various NPCs that can settle on their base, rewarding the player with additional craft capabilities, new recipes and even quests, building workshops and housing for them. NPC will respond to your bases, and they may need a certain level of comfort when visiting to help. Players can also invite friends to build, process, decorate, build or destroy in the group. When many hands do easy work, some can find a real building in a friendship tied along this path.

Enshrouded is developed for PC and will be released in early Steam in 2023.