Bethesda introduced 5 new companions and romantic options in Starfield

The recent presentation of Starfield Direct confirmed five new companions for a science fiction role-playing game with the open world of Starfield, as well as romantic game options. As in past games, Bethesda, Starfield will allow players to hire companions who will accompany them in their adventures. Nevertheless, Starfield displays a system of partners to a new level, allowing players to organize a whole team for their spacecraft.

Bethesda showed a couple of Starfield companions with previous views of the game, revealing the Vasco robot and the return of the adoring fan of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. However, Starfield players will be able to hire much more companions, each of which has unique abilities.

Starfield companions shown in the presentation of Starfield Direct include Sarah Morgan, which specializes in astrodynamics, lasers, leadership and botany; Sam COU, space cowboy, specializing in certification of manned rifles, useful loads and geology; Barrett, specializing in the development of spacecraft, weapons systems with radiation particles, robotics and gastronomy; Marika Boros, who specializes in certification of shotgun, ballistics and weapons with radiation particles; And finally, Heller, who specializes in the geology and construction of avantosts.

List of company companions Starfield

  • Adoring a fan
  • Barrett
  • Heller
  • Marika Boros
  • Sam Cow
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Vasco

Starfield players will be able to meet these companions during their adventures in various ways. Some of them can be found during the execution of quests, others can be found in spaceport and hired as crew members. Others can find one of the thousands of the Starfield planets. It is not clear what is the limit of the number of companions, or what restrictions can be for research with companions, but more these details should become known as the game release is approached.

Of course, there will be some companions that are positioned as more important than others. It was confirmed that some Starfield companions will have unique chains of tasks with the opportunity to tie a novel with them. A potential novel was shown in Starfield Direct, where Sam Cow Soldal for the female role of the player Starfield. Sexual orientation will probably be taken into account when it comes to determining which of which of the Starfield satellites you can get an affair, but at the moment this is just an assumption.