Tactical role -playing game BEAST received a new name and large content update

The developer and publisher of FALSE Prophet released the second large content update for its gloomy step -by -step tactical role -playing game Beast, which is now called Beast: False Prophet to better reflect the true vision of the game.

"This update will allow players to go through our game from beginning to end and get up to 40 hours of various missions. We hope that this will bring us enough sales so that we can continue to correct mistakes and polish the game until its final release in 2024", – said Peter Pachinko, founder of False Prophet Studio.

In honor of the new name and content, the studio will provide the game with the most 40 % discount during the winter sale of Steam.

Currently, the game is in early access, and its full launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2024. FALSE Prophet developers work closely with players to ensure the best experience for players in anticipation of full -fledged launch.

In addition to the name of the studio, False Prophet now serves as a subtitle of the game due to its deep connection with the plot. Throughout the journey of the protagonist Anton in the plot, he has to discover the truth among a huge number of lies – hence the name False Prophet. The game takes place in turpects in the dark, and inspired by the Carpathian legends. In Beast: False Prophet, there is only less or greater evil.

Beast: False Prophet offers two main methods of the game: either play safely and focus on team tactics, or untie the beast and rush into a total brutal assault. Each of these options has its pros and cons, so you will have to choose wisely, depending on how events will develop on the battlefield. Playing safe, your allies can get various buffs. When the counter of insanity reaches its threshold, you will have the opportunity to turn into a beast by releasing your inner demon, and gain access to destructive attacks to shred the enemies. Although transformation into a beast gives you more strength, enemies become less predictable and receive additional abilities.

26 abilities of the beast, 60 types of weapons, 16 companions, 45 playable missions – all this will allow you to enjoy the 40 -hour passage of Beast: False Prophet.

Beast: False Prophet is available in early access on Steam and GOG and compatible with Steam Deck. Within the framework of the winter sale of Steam, which will begin on December 21, the biggest discount will be valid for the game from the moment of release.