A new space RPG was published in Steam, in which the player can become the boss of his own military company

On October 2, Quasimorph, hardcore step-by-step Roguelike in a science fiction setting, inspired by the films “Alien” and “Through the Horizon”, was released to early access. In the role of the commander of the PMC detachment, you have to comply with the contracts of megacorporations in the world of the victorious anarchy-capitalism.

Solar system on the edge of the apocalypse? Make a profit from this! We have at hand fighters-clones, for whom murders, abduction and blackmail-how to go for bread. Did not give out dryers for the mission? It’s okay, cannibalism is not a vice. And cloning in this universe is such an affordable technology that it is more expensive to evacuate the operative from the object than to grow new. Let him make money on a return ticket, collecting valuable Khabar at the station!

The gameplay looks as follows: select a planet or satellite in the solar system, fly there, we take a peaceful or combat mission, choose an operative, its equipment, class and fly to a randomly generated level. Prisons, factories and other obvious to the gloomy sai-fi of the future biomes are inhabited by people and quasiMorphs-demons from local warp (very roughly speaking).

From enemies, what they used to use. No you halbard from rats a la Diablo. Opponents have the same zonal damage system as the character of the player. Enemies can bleed, die from infection or remain without cartridges. The rules are one for both parties, and this honesty captures. The error price is extremely high: one shot can break your life. Let not immediately, but with a pierced light or sepsis, far from gone.

At the death of the operative on the task, you lose everything that was on it, all the progress, without the ability to return behind the corpse. The more deaths, the more difficult it will be the subsequent clones, and you, as a player. The first fighter flies out on a task in the body armor, with a spacious backpack and two types of weapons. Fifth – in a T -shirt (without pants) and with a knife.

There is a metaprogation in the game: you need to take out special chips from the level containing the consciousness of fighters or a recipe previously inaccessible to the production of objects on a ship. Yes, it is possible and necessary to produce cartridges-macarons right on the ship, the range of which in the debut is scented. At first, the choice of operatives is small at first. Everyone, by the way, with a unique feature (for example, immunity to infections) and different characteristics (health, calories, etc.). During the passage, gamers have to explore planetary bases, secret laboratories and fragments of spacecraft.

You can buy Quasimorph in Steam for 629 rubles, taking into account the discount of 10% (valid until October 9).