Starfield was ahead of Baldur’s Gate 3 by the number of hours spent in the game

Starfield went around Baldur’s Gate 3 by the number of hours of the hours: as of December 20, the Bethesda game scored 534.824 million hours, and RPG from Larian Studios – 452.557 million hours as of December 6.

On the one hand, Baldur’s Gate 3 came out of early access to the PC in August last year, and on the other, on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, so it had more time to gain so many hours.

On the other hand, Game Pass subscribers can access Starfield on Xbox and PC without an additional fee, and this factor undoubtedly significantly influenced the spread of the game.

Comparison of the number of hours spent at Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3, which appeared on Twitter, is intended not so much to belittle the exceptional quality of the role -playing game from Larian Studios, but to correct the opinion from Bethesda did not live up to expectations in terms of involvement.

What is the share of these hours to load and stick in the construction of Pepelats.

What share of the clock has gone to the running around empty planets)

well, the statistics of the BG3 have been taken from December 6th T.e. With a difference of 14 days.Nobody paid attention to this

So Starfield went 3 weeks later than Baldura. Everything is honestly. Even in time 1 week in favor of Baldura. If the dates were the same, then the gap would be even more

And the game was still not opened and did not open.

It’s like the new season of the series about Todd:
Season 1 – In it, Todd repents of an amazing space game
Season 2 – In it, Todd says that everything is ok, you just do not need to play antediluvian PC
Season 3 – "Agents" Mr. Howard explains how to play the game correctly
Season 4 – it will be revealed now
Season 5 – and I have more than yours! And you all look – I have more than he!

Season 6 – Coming Soon
We will see

There should be the first point, forgery of publishers’ ratings, this masterpiece.

Aaaaaa, damn it, for sure, it completely flew out of my head, the rest was just so bright)

And now, attention, the question: how "The disappointment of the year" Could get ahead "The game of the year" In the main watch? The answer of course no one will give.

In Starfield, a bunch of people in the resources is picking, they really worked hard over the engine, here are the possibilities in physics, multi -level, study much more compared to 4 follaut of space and enemies at once, etc.D. But in the plot itself, this is not used in any way, a point about large spaces because of a pile of short missions with rechargeing generally looks like thick trolling.The normal editor would have been released quickly so that the players themselves are stuck, since the scriptwriters in large companies have forgotten how to work because of all their strikes.

The plot of the plot of the gazebo always had

Yeah, and therefore, the movement in a small town between its parts goes with hunkers, while in F4 there was 1 big world at once

It seems that it was worth commenting to write less. I talked about this, even though they improved the engine, this is not in the game, which is very stupid, and they set it up for ourselves.

I read the wrong one, I’m sorry

So who argues then. True, maybe statistics did not take into account the time for the bootable ones, as well as numerous falsestarts. Yes, and lovers of crackers who adorn the ships for intricate patterns for days – they contributed to their contribution.

There are a lot of them, but they will take 2-3 seconds by force, if on fast SSD. In total per hour, it can be gained from the strength of a minute 3-4.

There is a common statistics on, including PS5 and Xbox Series X | S then, not everyone may follow Todd’s advice.

Right now they will explain to you that these people who on average play the Starfield on average than in the BG3 should not enjoy the game, and there will also be the next stupid jokes about the opening.

Rather, the Starfield fans will be initially stupid allegedly the statements of their opponents in order to indicatively refute them. Would have changed the methods or it doesn’t work out otherwise?

Maybe ahead. The only question is what these watches were spent on. In Star Faile, 70% of the time is shuffling according to empty planets through loading, another 20% are dull conversations, and only 10% is something relatively interesting.

I am sure of loading after a disastrous throw of the cube from the BG3 players took no less time than to load the Starfield, although this in no case justifies the craft from the gazebo.

Well this is a frank lie . In Starfield, 90% of the time takes quests. Of these, 60 percent are dialogs, and 40 percent is the action. Walking, grind and similar things from the force of 10 percent from all the time in the game occupy, and the loads are incredibly short, seconds 3-4, especially compared to BG3, where you can sit from 30 to 60 seconds on the download screen, so In general, the distribution of time for content in Starfield is very good, unless of course the player himself decided not to do all this, but simply to walk on the planets, but this is already purely his choice.

Kek, since I am a thrush of conservations and I want it to be how I want it, then in the BG3 for me a much larger boot simulator than all the gazebos games combined 🙂

Well, this is your choice, you can pass without constant downloads, even introduced a new mode, with 1 preservation. And the Starfid does not give you a choice

People play differently-and the videos, how people are sticking for hours in the assembly-border of the ship in the constructor. Who gave you the right to determine what is a lie and what is characteristic of everyone? The crown of the great fan of Starfield? Remove, it can be restored and the brain will not starve.

And the loads are incredibly short, seconds 3-4, especially compared to BG3, where you can sit from 30 to 60 seconds on the download screen after Faile

How often do you download the boot in the BG3? If you have loading due to stupid decisions or actions in battle that you have to replay, this is not the fault of the game. In the BG3 I do not need to see 3-4 loads for the simplest mission.

Short dialogue/quest started – loading – on a ship – loading – space – loading the planet – going to buildings, fighting – building – building, battle in the building, quest action – loading – loading – space – load – to the building – loading – loading – Short dialogue/quest is over.

As I understand it, this example is all the time to fulfill the quest? Which is performed in two dialogs, battles around and inside the building on the planet. The rest is the movement and load that you have "only 10%".

For example, land a kilometer from the point of interest and walk to it, without any additional actions and points of interest. Very interesting distribution of time or "How to give marketers the opportunity to declare long hours to pass the campaign with a minimum of content"?

And you imagine that 10 times less players in the game than in BG3. And all these people play and play, look for the same content))) hahahah

Where is the guarantee of the reality of these numbers. Who collected, with which platform? Maybe this comparison is only with boxing where BG 3 only a month ago appeared

Well, apparently the players were waiting for Starfield to open. After 100 hours or even 200, suddenly it turned out that there was nothing to reveal, so that the game was thrown, cursing the aimlessly spent clock.

= we have 6 million players on the Xbox, and as you thought?=

They are tied with a chain to the monitor TV simply.

And the Boyars PC at any time can abandon Klava 🙂

HAH project on which they spent $ 400 million won a number of hours from a project with a budget of $ 10 million-so it needs to be invested 40 times more and a wiping with a margin of 20% of the number of hours!))))

It is strange when Starfield Trash, and the BD3 masterpiece and the game of the year

As of December 20, the game from Bethesda gained 534.824 million hours, and RPG from Larian Studios – 452.557 million hours as of December 6th.

And it is weak to conduct statistics from the same day, and not with a difference of 14 days?

Only a bald "I went out" From early access, before Starfield came out. An approximate difference of 16 days, it levels the difference, and even gives a head.

They say that they are still looking for content there.

screaming as such a gomno can get ahead of something .

Who needs this pissed BG3. Downloaded the pirate for the sake of curiosity, to see what so many yokes. Enough for half an hour. Some kind of fucking. Times have come of course. How this slag by the game of the year became not clear.

Penetrated casuals. Where the world rolls.

Kazualov?) I go to Arma, Daisy, Spacebor 2, Elit. This is just bg3 slag casual.

Penettled the whiners who are forever unhappy with everyone. Lord, where the world rolls ..

So it works today. The game mass for the most part simply did not have any of the brain and their opinion. They said the Starfield is watered – watering, even those who have not seen the game in the eyes. They said to lick the bg3 point – they lick, even those who play such and will not be for money. Anchose’s own opinion – Oxymoron. For anchous, reviewers and blagers decide.

Starfield played herself in the herself to get ahead of Baldurs Gay for 1 hour and received a Ban Permach in Steam for this)

By the number of hours spent in the game

Given the number of downloads in the game, not surprising

))))) Funny comparison. Any schoolboy can drive in Starfield, but BG Brains are better needed))) Baldurs still have their own fans who are not playing a similar game on the first day, they drive a lot and study the world of the game thoroughly and thoroughly study it.

I would say the other way around. The threshold of entering Baldurs is easier than in Starfield. Starfield is too complicated.

Well, how would BG – an elementary game. There is nothing complicated at all. All battles easily pass without magic, spells and so on, stupid wars and archers. Just score everyone in a row. And this is in average complexity.

I would not say so, relatively bg is chess, and Starfield – checkers. The threshold of entry in the beginning can be extremely light, and the game itself after entering can be very difficult. Starfield is very similar to the usual shooter with a small amount of action, where it is not clear that it is necessary to make complex decisions.

You take a child and give them both games to play, I’m sure 99.9999% that it will be noticeably easier to master the Starfield than BG. Something I did not see in BG how I ran with one weapon and demolished everyone in a row like in Starfield. The player has a team of characters, different spells that often have to combine, the player has a whole selection of decision -making in certain situations that greatly change the path of the game.

Are you kidding? You are real – played this game? seriously?

In what battle is it, you need to think there?

Although Stop, in one battle, it was still necessary to think, and even then not in terms of strategy, but in how to defeat the enemy who does not receive damage. (I’m talking about golem and lava)

Everything, and all other opponents are stupidly clogged, and very easy. Yes even a golem and then in fact he scored manually.

I played the war (my Persian), priestess (elf), warrior or berserker, I will definitely not (fiery girl) and gitnian, which is also a warrior.

And just scored them all, absolutely all. I even filled a whole crowd in the center of the goblin camp. I don’t remember exactly, but I seemed to fight at once with more than 15 opponents, including goblins, people and even troll.

And he did not use magic at all. Did not even use spells (scrolls).

And all because they do not need. And without this, everything is easy. That’s real – easy.

In this game, the clumsy only the beginning, when you do not understand how the game works, for which the developers are a fat minus, since they did not think to make training, but the joke is that this game turned out to be quite simple, especially the fighting.

People just waited for loading and tried to understand [*why*] where are they six or three

Searched overdue. The result was hanging)

These long dialogs have already killed my desire to play too role -playing games many times

Starfield will survive this craft and will play for many years

Who, employees of the gazebo?

Model. As soon as the full support of mods of mods will come out the content of 18+ as with Skyrim.

With Skyrim in Starfield, only a general engine. Skyrim has a primitive plot, simple dialogs, a simple fighter (which is in Starfield, the plot is simple, the dialogs are also primitive). Good and logical pumping tied to the use of skill for its growth. A large number of quests, and the majority are manually worked out, not generated by the same type, but single, tied to a particular area or characters, many – very high -quality and interesting – like a funny quest with Sheogorat and drinking "marriage" on Karge or "detective" Windhalm murder quest.

But the main plus that Skyrim, that Fallout 4 is manually worked out, saturated with events, activities or simply understandable "scenes" (like a dead guard in Riften, with a note that makes it clear what exactly and why happened here) the world. The world in which after passing the plot to the gray -turned and getting the opportunity to teach screams, you can put a bolt on the plot with a clear conscience and just travel around the world, by principle "I see some buildings there, I need to see what is there" and having reached there (and this is not kilometers of the Starfield’s empty planets, the distance between points of interest is much smaller and even in Skyrim, there are initially horses) you will certainly find something, often – a quest, and "unique". The same story with Follych 4, where it is quite possible to score a bolt on a throne and go to any other side from Concord, gain resources, perform quests or simply study the world around, pump and only then come to the throne already in your own power armor with your own, pumped by a minigan, and then take the settlers to a long -built settlement with their own population, with excess water, food and protection.

And here "failure" Starfield. With the same "familiar to the gazebo" mediocre plot, primitive dialogues (in which even the result "negotiations" It does not depend on the choice of the right conversation of the option, but only on the pumping of the belief), he lost the main plus of Skyrim/Follout – a saturated world, which was replaced by thousands of empty planets, even the path to them is spoiled by loading and lack of vehicles. And in order to achieve the only point of interest, a kilometer from the landing point, this kilometer must certainly be stolen with legs – while in previous games, this kilometer accounted for at least 3-4 points of interest and the world was not around a monotonously empty. And this cardinal minus, which IMHO caused the failure of the game, cannot be fixed with modes – Because modern ones are not gods, to process the procedural generation so that the world created by it is much more interesting and satisfactory for a lot of events is the task for a large team of highly paid developers and a lot of time, and not for enthusiasts working for interest. And without this world, cling to modes on the current empty world – why? Fashion could be introduced into the world of Skyrim, even Middle -earth Tolkien, at least pink pony, because the basis in the form of an interesting world was, and the superstructure can be changed to your own, even perverted taste. And to the point of the dummy even introduce the same nu modes if the game remains a dummy? In addition, people for some reason forget that even elementary graphics level has grown strongly – and the creation of their own objects in the game requires much more time and effort costs.

Damn, well, let’s still by the number of assholes in the game will compare games.

It seems that at least some news (even from the finger) about BG3 ended at all, and began to post such a thing about Starfield? For what? )))

The game has enough minuses, but it cannot be said that the game is a complete failure in the spirit of Cyberbag on the release.

On the PC and Cyberpank was not a failure. Went on a release with comfort and without critical bugs

He is now a failure

The bugs were with the patch of the first day.There weren’t any further

Cyberpank disappointed that much of the declared in the game was absent – but the game was quite playable and had bright sides, along with problematic. Bright sides of Starfield – shipbuilding and partly upgrades of equipment. And this is clearly not enough to talk about "Lack of failure", since Starfield’s slogan can be called "This game is not about this – but about what exactly the game, no one knows".

Do not carry more, indicate the data of the dude that posted this "comparison".

Well, there’s nothing strange, there is nothing in Baldurs except Hype, a cheap game with a look from above, and Starfield, although a little disappointed, is still one of the top games.

Well, step by step, it’s like a game of chess, and people play the chess directly in chess))

So I have nothing against it, a normal game for my niche, but this is a still low-budget game with a look from above, and it is advertised for the past half years as the best game of a decade . . .

Just like Ufo, everything was stripped and praised and praised, and then another game came out and all forgot at once that there is such a UFO game))

And besides the fact that huge amounts were also at Starfield and the fact that the developers rolled out a ton of carpet excitements against claims to the final product, Starfield has other advantages? By what other parameter he is top game? Because he was made by a gazebo or a multi -million advertising company?

With their budget, characters animations and dialogs at an inaccessible level are located

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You can break Baldur’s Gate 3 if you learn too many spells

If you plan to get all the spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 as soon as possible, then still wait. It turns out that if you spend gold on the study of spells from scrolls, you can encounter a mistake with an increase in level. Part of the process requires choosing a spell, but if you have all the spells, you cannot choose a single one, so you will get stuck without the opportunity to complete the task or leave the menu, losing all the progress from the moment of last preservation.

The Reddit Youngath user shared this discovery in the Baldur’s Gate 3 community last night, applying a screenshot of the level of increasing the level at which it is impossible to press the acceptance button, as they have "Options awaiting choice". The expectation of a choice means two slots of spells that he must choose, but cannot.

The only way to correct the situation is to change the class, but if you try to rebuild back into the magician, you will get stuck again.

Youngath drew the attention of Larian Studios to this problem, so its correction is just a matter of time. In the meantime, if you know all the spells in the game, you will have to postpone with an increase in level, unless you want to mess with mods or perestroika, which in any case will block you in the wizard class.

As an alternative, you can stock up on scrolls and wait until the mistake disappears. They can be used or simply hidden in a safe place for the time being to remember and finally become a all-knowing wizard.

Meanwhile, fans urge Larian Studios to add the ability to change the appearance of the character in the middle of the game. Currently, setting up the protagonist and keeper is possible only at the beginning of the game. As soon as you press the button "play", There will be no way back. Interestingly, in the last game Larian, Divinity: Original Sin 2. There, with the help of a green mirror, you can change not only your appearance, but also the face of your entire team.

Salt and Sacrifice entered Steam and Nintendo Switch with free content update

Salt and Sacrifice, Continuation of the SKA Studios and Devoured Studios platform and Sanctuary, has become available to Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC with Windows and MacOS (checked on Steam Deck). “The Traitor’s Tomb”, a free update that adds a new area and PVP Arena is also available to the owners of Salt and Sacrifice on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Test the acute sensations from hunting in the role of a swording inquisitor, designed to defeat the spoiled magicians terrorizing the altar kingdom of their damned spontaneous magic. Choose one of the eight starting classes, take the weapon in your hands and go from the pardon valley to clean the kingdom, tracking the magicians and winning them to gain new power.

Fight in complex areas inhabited by terrifying creatures, sinister traps and platform obstacles. Collect hints in the environment to advance in hunting magicians before fighting formidable pyromancies, poisonous and disgusting cormanse who can subordinate the elements to their evil whims. Rest the magicians, destroy their hearts and take their bones to create an increasingly powerful weapon and armor before moving on to the kingdom.

Call other inquisitors for joint hunting or PVP confusion with support for cross-games for all platforms. Use the Cooperation Cooperation Council Pardoner’s Vale to establish passwords for friendly sessions, call random partners with a gold candle and join numerous fractions for PVP and multi -user functions.

Look for the most secret secrets of the kingdom in a completely new update of Traitor’s Tomb, which is now available for free on all platforms. Go down to the mysterious heart of altar stone, a new vast dungeon, hiding the darkest secrets. Meet new NPCs, fight with many new bosses and find new weapons and armor. The “Grand of the Traitor” also presents a new arena regime that allows the inquisitors to fight in PVP matches for 6 players with all players.

Paradox used a recent meme to make fun of criticism of their games – players applaud

Paradox Interactive is also often praised as they criticize its popular games in other cases. For some, the problem is not even too much DLC, but in an extremely complex game mechanics. Obviously, Paradox does not object to criticism of difficulty and even laughed at it with the help of a somewhat contradictory meme.

Earlier this week, the official account of the company published on Twitter a message with a photograph of Park Yonmi, immigrants and activists from North Korea. In the text that claims to be quote, she stated that they were making games in Sweden, "which are just cards", which no one can play, and "People look at changing colors for hours".

To date, this message was viewed 3.5 million times and liked 73,200 users.

The intention standing behind this record is somewhat obvious, but the meme itself requires an explanation:

  • Pak Yonmi (or Pak Yong -Mi) is a well -known human rights activist who fled from North Korea in 2007 and became known thanks to his stories about life there. She also published a book recently.
  • However, many questioned Yonmi’s stories about her fate in North Korea. She herself explained the first inaccuracies with a language barrier, but even her recent stories from May (also about her life in America) many users considered it greatly exaggerated or even sucked from the finger.

The Internet, as befits the Internet, quickly picked up these accusations, turning them into numerous memes, in which Yonmi describes absurd situations from different parts of the world. Thus, Paradox likened popular accusations against her games with fictional stories.

Leaving this episode aside, the Paradox account continued the fun, responding in a humorous manner on the comments of gamers.

No less interesting were users’ comments, some of which in general terms agreed with "opinion" Yonmi (mainly as a joke).

  • In several comments, the players mentioned that after spending more than a thousand hours in Paradox, they still have not left the training program and did not see the Victory screen (and if they saw, then only by pure chance).
  • Other users honestly admitted that, even having gone through the game for a very long time, they are still not sure if they know what they are doing. Or that they later realized that: a) the game finished loading half an hour ago; b) they "were playing" with a pause on more than an hour.
  • Some players were even "Outraged" the fact that Paradox constantly uses the same map of the world, changing only colors.
  • Others, one way or another, emphasized how they rejoice "expansion" your color on the map in Stellaris or Europa Universalis IV.

Some fans were more evil, indicating the question of the quantity and price of DLC, which for some reason was not mentioned in "quote" From the post of publisher. Nevertheless, this kind of comments are much less than memes or even praise to developers.

Therefore, we can conclude that in general Paradox won in the eyes of users (especially since the Twitter account remains very active, to the joy of fans of the company). Although this is unlikely to prevent complaints about weaker additions.

The performer of the role of Lady Dimitrecu spoke about her character in Baldur’s Gate 3

Maggie Robertson, performer of the role of the legendary Lady Dimitrescu in the Resident Evil Village, will play another memorable villain, this time in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Orin The Red, as this character is called, is a magical threat that changes shape. Sexy, but sadist, she will now and then appear in the game to check your determination.

Orin works for one of the highest forces, against which you are in the game, and visually it stands out with its almost completely white eyes, glowing red and outright costume, and you can see smoky patterns on the skin. She is ruthless and try to use her abilities to change the form in order to take you by surprise and deceive, forcing you to make terrible decisions.

In this role, Maggie Robertson will join General Keterik Torm (J.TO. Simmons) and Lord Enver Lortash (Jason Isaex) to complete "Wicked triumvirate" villains at Baldur’s Gate 3.

It was a great honor for me to even be in the same area, not to mention joint scenes with Jay to. Simmons and Jason Isex. And it was so inspiring and exciting – to see their work in this game and feel how our characters unite in joint scenes, creating this wicked, evil triumvirate.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 returns part of New York, which was the last time in the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man

The inclusion of cuins in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 marks the first case of the appearance of the New York region in the Spider-Man game since the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man-Man.

After almost two years of contemplation of the same images of Peter and Miles standing next to each other, Insomniac finally gave us everything we wanted, and last night opened the veil over Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, showing a Craven, Lizard, Ghost , winged costumes, new abilities and, of course, the long -awaited disclosure of Symbiont’s costume Peter. However, there was one important detail that many could lose sight of – the return of Cuins.

After Kreven was introduced and returned to New York, it became clear that Kuins would be an investigated area in the game. Then Kuins became the center of attention of the first half of the trailer, where we saw the Symbiont Spider destroying a bunch of thugs in a surprisingly sweet area. As Spider-Man is going to move around kuins, it remains only to guess, but we can assume that the spider wings will be useful there.

Cuins is the most suitable place for the sequel, since the Ultimate Spider-Man (which was the Spider-Man 2 spiritual successor and used many of the same mechanic as this game) made the same trick in 2005, adding the area in as a new study area. It is interesting that, despite how unique Kuins and how much is a sign area for New York, since then it has not appeared in games about Spider-Man.

This fact was noted by the user who published on Twitter the image of Cuins with the signature: "Kuins has been a completely playable location since the time of Ultimate Spider-Man, this is almost 20 years of OMG. This is a victory (unless it is a plot-dependent location, not free-ROM?)". Later, the InSomniac Games clarified the PlayStation Blog blog that Cuins is a fully studied territory, noting: "We start in the House of Connors on the shore of East River in Cuins, one of the completely new playable and studied areas, which we present in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2".

If you are not very well versed in geography and think that cuins is a small suburban area of ​​New York, then this is actually a fairly large addition to the game. In real life, Quins is absolutely huge and is the largest of the five districts of the city. It is unclear whether this size will be transferred to the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 card, but we can see from gameplay personnel, which it has definitely expanded significantly.

Starfield developers have a “big list” of things that they want to add

Gamdirector Starfield Todd Howard shared information about Bethesda plans for the future of the game, and also spoke about the absorption by Microsoft.

Howard shared the details in the fresh issue of the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, which is TED Price from Insomniac.

He noted that the developers studied reviews and compiled "Big list" what they would like to add to the game.

Starfield is intentionally made so that it can be played for a long time. Bethesda, using the example of their previous games, realized that people want to play them several times.

In this regard, when developing Starfield, they deliberately built it in such a way that it could be played for a long time so that it was natural and thought out how it will look at different points of the future.

The developers decided to accept the fact that the players would remain with the game for many years, and decided to extract the maximum benefit from this. As a result, they tried to create a very good base on which both the developers themselves and modders can rely on.

Howard also spoke about the absorption of Microsoft, noting that this was a truly natural and very smooth transition, especially from the developers.

He added that Bethesda was already accustomed to cooperation with Microsoft, as she did several exclusive projects with her. They turned out to be excellent partners, and Bethesda is very pleased with the acquisition and how Starfield benefited from this.

The game released for PC and Xbox Series X | S has already gained more than 10 million players from the moment of launch.

Starfield developers have "Big list" things that they would like for modders to add ©

Well, yes, Todd could throw a list of what the modders want to add with the words: "The gazebo will still do a garbage" do everything for them. Profit.

So it was necessary to make a program for creating mods, to roll out faster, they have been done here.

Remove the loads between planets, stations, ships, entrances, outputs? Oh dream, dream.

Maybe they want to add something interesting and not stuffy to the game? Oh dream, dream.

To do this, they will need to make a new game on a normal engine

In general, yes. But in some places it will be possible to remove the loading. For example, in a night club, where you go into the elevator to go to a small room with two NPS. And such places a bunch where the load is used to completely draw a location.

But so yes, it will be necessary to redo the game completely. The planet is square locations, you can’t do the planet from them.

But! If these two things are not done, the game will not pull anything! IMHO

Yes, so "They want" that it has already fallen up to 50 K in Steam, and this has not yet passed after that "masterpiece".

Many are sitting through gamepass

According to my observations, who wanted to go through – have already passed, including all the additional quests. If you start from the numbers with Howlongtobeat, then it has less content than in Skyrim 2 times, and even less than in fola 4, although this is not a very big game in itself. In short, it is not yet particularly clear what to do in it for a long time

Maybe they plan to add content and activity with updates.

Hmm, in the New Atlanta, I gained more quests for a campaign in all Fallout 4 Yes and spent 8 hours in it before I left it for the first time after arriving.

There is a sea, current, unlike past games and where you could spend at least an hour on simple adventures, immediately more divided. Simple adventures and quest part. This is especially noticeable against the background of Palych 4, and Skyrim too. It was just before that was still the running one according to one main location.
And remember the past games, where the settlement was just to come to pick up quests and dumping, since making there for the most part Nefig, and inside the settlement itself you could perform a couple of quests, but in any case it was quite quickly and the main part of the time you spend In no settlements. And here they tried to make cities really cities and specifically on their territory there are enough quests, even on simple bases, sometimes the task of current within them. Sometimes I am beyond their borders (I mean the actions specifically on one planet) I get out to be explored not by quest, but simply what is called for the sake of interest. Yes there, too, you could find them, but still.
Of course, I did not go completely completely, but the feeling that they tried to directly divide the quest and ordinary study, since the game itself pushes, all of all these many planets, there is no longer to scatter the content throughout the map, it is necessary to focus on something specific
And this is if a fairly standard set is taken, and someone is waving for the construction of advanposts and so on. But this is already quite an amateur

Hello Games celebrated the 7th anniversary of No Man’s Sky and hinted at the next major update

Hello Games celebrates the seventh anniversary of the output No Man’s Sky, recalling the numerous updates released after starting the game, as well as announcing the next update – Echoes. Here’s a message that the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray wanted to share with the community of the developers No Man’s Sky:

Watching the video, I feel a little stunned by the trip that we have passed over the years. Seven years ago, we first saw how players around the world began to explore the universe we created. I can’t describe what it was. This was already the culmination of the five previous years of very intense work of our tiny team (the average team size was only 6 people, and at the time of launch – only 15). We knew that this was the beginning of the path, but did not expect how wild it would turn out to be. I work on this game almost a third of my life, and it turned out to be more successful than we have ever planned or dreamed. It was not always easy, but the guiding star for us always had players and community. For each update, each video, each feature and line in the patch-net there is a team that is very worried about this game. We still want to try a lot, we are still interested in a lot. The next step on this path is no longer around the corner. Very soon we will tell travelers about echoes. The last seven years and, of course, the years of development that preceded the launch would not have been so successful without your support, and we want to thank you for being with us on this journey. Our journey continues. Thank you very much for your support.

How do you undoubtedly remember, the launch of No Man’s Sky was not the most successful. Many functions were absent, which led to the disappointment of fans, not to mention the fact that the version for the PC had a number of problems with performance during the release. However, an independent British developer provided one of the most impressive return on the gaming industry, releasing 35 free updates in which all aspects of the game were redesigned. The game was also released on many other platforms, including Nintendo Switch and, more recently, MacOS with Apple Silicon optimization.

It seems that Hello Games has not yet completed work on No Man’s Sky, so many new updates are expected in the future, starting with Echoes.

Digital Foundry shared the first impressions of the new Forza Motorsport and appreciated its evolution

Before the exit of Forza Motorsport, a few more days remain, but some journalists have already gained access to the game, the reviews of which will be available on October 4. In the meantime, Digital Foundry shares its first impressions from the new Forza Motorsport, analyzes its evolution and even makes a comparison with the predecessor and competitor in the person of Gran Turismo 7. According to them, they did this on the basis of a limited demo version, and not a full version. a game.

First of all, this is the predecessor of Forza Motorsport 7, since the technical evolution in it is simply amazing. Forza Motorsport 7 was an extremely sophisticated game, which is why in some cases it may have the impression that it was not so evolved. But if you look at all the effects and technologies used in Forza Motorsport, we can say that the game has become much more holistic, beautiful and realistic.

A good example is that they did not want to add visual effects to the use of real lighting used to give a realistic type due to ray tracing. This is where the basis of the work that Turn 10 did in order to create absolutely everything from scratch lies. Before us is not evolution, but a completely new part of Forzatech. As for detailing, it is actually much higher than in Forza Motorsport 7.

The dynamics of development is wonderful, but it seems that small visual flaws were found in this assembly, which may be eliminated in the final version of the game. We are talking about elements such as design or some textures that do not seem to reach the standards set by the rest of the game, and stand out against the general background. For example, night races, where lighting plays a fundamental role when it comes to discarding shadows created in real time. One of the chambers that clearly stands out is the camera’s cabin camera, where shadows are really important for creating realism in the middle of the game. Although it is impossible to deny the excellent result that gives trace rays in reflections when playing from the external camera.

After the story about how various performance quality modes are used – from 60 FPS with Ray Tracing and without it up to 30 FPS with the native resolution of 4K and Ray Tracing even in the mirrors – it becomes clear that the game gives what each of the modes offers. But even in this case, you should think about comparing with what Gran Turismo 7 has achieved. Here, according to Digital Foundry, the main attention should be paid not to the result, but by the technologies used during the game, and here Forza Motorsport complies with the balance in its favor, as it uses them in real time.

The most important thing is that the game seems to meet the standards established by Turn 10 – to make a visually amazing game that will set a certain minimum standard for the future. Constant use of rays tracing, working with a frequency of 60 FPS even with a resolution of up to 4K – these are outstanding indicators that do not overshadow other aspects that I did not want to get into. gameplay.

But for this we need to wait for October 4, that is, the moment when the reviews on Forza Motorsport begin to appear and it will be possible to understand what awaits us. Forza Motorsport will be released on October 10, and for the owners of Premium Edition – 5 days earlier, on the consoles of Xbox X Series X | S and PC.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will come out with a patch that improves performance and eliminates bugs

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage stealth explosion will already reach the PlayStation and Xbox consoles today, as well as PC. Developers from the Ubisoft studio want to make sure the new items in the excellent technical condition, and therefore, together with the release, release an update for the game. The first patch for Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will be available for download immediately after the project is launched and must solve a number of serious problems.

The release update for Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is mainly aimed at solving the malfunctions that were discovered by journalists. In particular, the patch makes gameplay corrections, fixes for some tasks and increases the overall performance on all platforms.

The size of the patch for the consoles is about 5 GB, and for a PC it will already be built into the loaded main build, and you will not have to drive anything. Here’s what is fixed in this update:

  • The elevators killed Basim.
  • Fragments were not given properly.
  • Awards for the end of the game are now correctly issued after the end of the game.
  • Enemies now correctly receive damage when falling.
  • Auto-Loot skill now works correctly on all enemies, no matter how the player kills them.
  • Players do not lose control of bassim after quick movement.
  • The time of the reaction of enemies to parrying is correctly slowed down when using a perk "Time dagger".
  • Perk "Sandy sword" Now Basima correctly heals when killing the enemy.
  • When wearing "Sand outfit" Basim will now not be killed if he receives two fatal damages from two different enemies at the same time.
  • Quest markers no longer disappear after the conservation/load.
  • The English language option is now correctly displayed only once on the menu
  • Cases of improper display of the user interface are eliminated.
  • NPCs on boats continue to swim, and do not remain motionless.
  • Fixed Animation of drinking NPC.
  • The invisible clash for some objects in Baghdad was removed.
  • The better detection of NPC during the quest execution "Gilded butterfly".
  • Rewards for quest items "Forty thieves" Not displayed in the game.
  • Lines of eavesdropping are now reproduced correctly.
  • Baghdad Bound – It was impossible to interact in the Harbia Bureau if, after the dialogue scene, the investigation board opened too quickly.
  • Den of the beast – it is impossible to properly interact with Ali in the task "Talk to Ali".
  • To Catch a Demon (catching a demon) – it is impossible to interact with the wheel of tools or a map of the world, if the enemies were discovered during the interaction with the prompts.
  • Gilded Butterflies – battle during "Great auction" violated the course of the quest.
  • Great Symposium – Fixed locks for assignment "Find the great scientist Frasil".
  • Snake nest – dialogs are now correctly triggered for bassim.
  • Numerous improvements in graphics, environment and VFX.
  • Numerous improvements of stability.
  • Abnormal poses of enemies and bosses.
  • Unnatural animations for Basim and/or Nekhal.
  • Update frequency settings now display the correct information.
  • Animations during captures have become more honed.
  • Removing lines/dialogs too long.
  • The situation was fixed when the transferred objects were not displayed in the cinema.
  • Optimization of settings for ultrashiro and multi -screen modes.
  • The settings are now saved on luna.

For the first update Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, it makes a lot of changes. At the same time, Ubisoft promises to track the reviews of the players and quickly release fixes if necessary.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage has already begun to go out in some countries on consoles. A full release of the game should take place in the evening on all platforms and regions.