Creative Director of Dune: AWAKENING describes what the battles and survival in the MMO-sandwich will be

In the film Denis Vilnev "Dune" It is emphasized that military operations on Arrakis are carried out using rather contrasting types of battle. When the soldiers of the House of Atreides and the Harkonnen houses are faced in the film, the aircraft conduct an artillery shelling from above, and the warriors protected by Holzman shields are duly with old -fashioned blades below. This is a feeling of battles taking place on several, intersecting the fronts, what a multi -user game of Dune’s survival is aimed at: Awakening, trying to convey this feeling.

In an interview with PC Gaming Show, creative director Joel Bailos describes a game that will develop from a lonely outcast, stealing with a knife, cutting people to steal water from them, before a total war.

By the end of the game, perhaps you drive a guild, you have a park of vehicles, ornithopterers fly in construction, sandy motorcycles are carried through the desert under them, tanks raise a cloud of dust when you go to a bunch of spices in the distance to harvest with your guild. In the distance you see another guild that approaches you. And at the time of the collision, you hear the rumble of an approaching sandworm. This is the fight in Dune: AWAKENING.

This is a scenario according to which your standard hot panel of reloading abilities will not be able to justify the situation. That is why the director of the game Williar Sommerbakk says: "The battle in our game is much more chill and intensive than, for example, in MMO". Funcom relies on previous experience and knowledge: Sommerbakk was a world designer in Anarchy Online, and Bailos was a creative director at Conan: Exiles, and both worked as designers in Age of Conan.

Such intensive, intersecting battles is one of the five pillars, on which, according to the developers, Dune is being built: AWAKENING. Five pillars are survival, politics and intrigues, an endless study, combined arms fight, expression and configuration.

Both Bailos and Sommerbakk seek to emphasize the role of survival, in particular, thirst, which, like a battle, will be of great importance.

Water discipline is an important part of survival. In the beginning, it can just be water for yourself, and at the end you may need an industrial water level, because you industrialized your base. Storms are also an important part of survival. At the very beginning, you need to find a shelter, because you have nothing.

Although the construction of the base will ensure asylum later, you will never cease to be reasons to go out and fight for spices.

In the end, you can even saddle storms in the desert to access unique resources. But you always need to return, and every time you go out, you must be careful with a worm. Because if the worm caught you, nothing will remain of you, and you will not leave anything after you.

Here on such a cheerful note you can finish. Dune: AWAKENING will appear on Steam, where you can add the game to the list of desired now.