Paradox used a recent meme to make fun of criticism of their games – players applaud

Paradox Interactive is also often praised as they criticize its popular games in other cases. For some, the problem is not even too much DLC, but in an extremely complex game mechanics. Obviously, Paradox does not object to criticism of difficulty and even laughed at it with the help of a somewhat contradictory meme.

Earlier this week, the official account of the company published on Twitter a message with a photograph of Park Yonmi, immigrants and activists from North Korea. In the text that claims to be quote, she stated that they were making games in Sweden, "which are just cards", which no one can play, and "People look at changing colors for hours".

To date, this message was viewed 3.5 million times and liked 73,200 users.

The intention standing behind this record is somewhat obvious, but the meme itself requires an explanation:

  • Pak Yonmi (or Pak Yong -Mi) is a well -known human rights activist who fled from North Korea in 2007 and became known thanks to his stories about life there. She also published a book recently.
  • However, many questioned Yonmi’s stories about her fate in North Korea. She herself explained the first inaccuracies with a language barrier, but even her recent stories from May (also about her life in America) many users considered it greatly exaggerated or even sucked from the finger.

The Internet, as befits the Internet, quickly picked up these accusations, turning them into numerous memes, in which Yonmi describes absurd situations from different parts of the world. Thus, Paradox likened popular accusations against her games with fictional stories.

Leaving this episode aside, the Paradox account continued the fun, responding in a humorous manner on the comments of gamers.

No less interesting were users’ comments, some of which in general terms agreed with "opinion" Yonmi (mainly as a joke).

  • In several comments, the players mentioned that after spending more than a thousand hours in Paradox, they still have not left the training program and did not see the Victory screen (and if they saw, then only by pure chance).
  • Other users honestly admitted that, even having gone through the game for a very long time, they are still not sure if they know what they are doing. Or that they later realized that: a) the game finished loading half an hour ago; b) they "were playing" with a pause on more than an hour.
  • Some players were even "Outraged" the fact that Paradox constantly uses the same map of the world, changing only colors.
  • Others, one way or another, emphasized how they rejoice "expansion" your color on the map in Stellaris or Europa Universalis IV.

Some fans were more evil, indicating the question of the quantity and price of DLC, which for some reason was not mentioned in "quote" From the post of publisher. Nevertheless, this kind of comments are much less than memes or even praise to developers.

Therefore, we can conclude that in general Paradox won in the eyes of users (especially since the Twitter account remains very active, to the joy of fans of the company). Although this is unlikely to prevent complaints about weaker additions.