Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 returns part of New York, which was the last time in the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man

The inclusion of cuins in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 marks the first case of the appearance of the New York region in the Spider-Man game since the 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man-Man.

After almost two years of contemplation of the same images of Peter and Miles standing next to each other, Insomniac finally gave us everything we wanted, and last night opened the veil over Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, showing a Craven, Lizard, Ghost , winged costumes, new abilities and, of course, the long -awaited disclosure of Symbiont’s costume Peter. However, there was one important detail that many could lose sight of – the return of Cuins.

After Kreven was introduced and returned to New York, it became clear that Kuins would be an investigated area in the game. Then Kuins became the center of attention of the first half of the trailer, where we saw the Symbiont Spider destroying a bunch of thugs in a surprisingly sweet area. As Spider-Man is going to move around kuins, it remains only to guess, but we can assume that the spider wings will be useful there.

Cuins is the most suitable place for the sequel, since the Ultimate Spider-Man (which was the Spider-Man 2 spiritual successor and used many of the same mechanic as this game) made the same trick in 2005, adding the area in as a new study area. It is interesting that, despite how unique Kuins and how much is a sign area for New York, since then it has not appeared in games about Spider-Man.

This fact was noted by the user who published on Twitter the image of Cuins with the signature: "Kuins has been a completely playable location since the time of Ultimate Spider-Man, this is almost 20 years of OMG. This is a victory (unless it is a plot-dependent location, not free-ROM?)". Later, the InSomniac Games clarified the PlayStation Blog blog that Cuins is a fully studied territory, noting: "We start in the House of Connors on the shore of East River in Cuins, one of the completely new playable and studied areas, which we present in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2".

If you are not very well versed in geography and think that cuins is a small suburban area of ​​New York, then this is actually a fairly large addition to the game. In real life, Quins is absolutely huge and is the largest of the five districts of the city. It is unclear whether this size will be transferred to the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 card, but we can see from gameplay personnel, which it has definitely expanded significantly.