Starfield developers have a “big list” of things that they want to add

Gamdirector Starfield Todd Howard shared information about Bethesda plans for the future of the game, and also spoke about the absorption by Microsoft.

Howard shared the details in the fresh issue of the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, which is TED Price from Insomniac.

He noted that the developers studied reviews and compiled "Big list" what they would like to add to the game.

Starfield is intentionally made so that it can be played for a long time. Bethesda, using the example of their previous games, realized that people want to play them several times.

In this regard, when developing Starfield, they deliberately built it in such a way that it could be played for a long time so that it was natural and thought out how it will look at different points of the future.

The developers decided to accept the fact that the players would remain with the game for many years, and decided to extract the maximum benefit from this. As a result, they tried to create a very good base on which both the developers themselves and modders can rely on.

Howard also spoke about the absorption of Microsoft, noting that this was a truly natural and very smooth transition, especially from the developers.

He added that Bethesda was already accustomed to cooperation with Microsoft, as she did several exclusive projects with her. They turned out to be excellent partners, and Bethesda is very pleased with the acquisition and how Starfield benefited from this.

The game released for PC and Xbox Series X | S has already gained more than 10 million players from the moment of launch.

Starfield developers have "Big list" things that they would like for modders to add ©

Well, yes, Todd could throw a list of what the modders want to add with the words: "The gazebo will still do a garbage" do everything for them. Profit.

So it was necessary to make a program for creating mods, to roll out faster, they have been done here.

Remove the loads between planets, stations, ships, entrances, outputs? Oh dream, dream.

Maybe they want to add something interesting and not stuffy to the game? Oh dream, dream.

To do this, they will need to make a new game on a normal engine

In general, yes. But in some places it will be possible to remove the loading. For example, in a night club, where you go into the elevator to go to a small room with two NPS. And such places a bunch where the load is used to completely draw a location.

But so yes, it will be necessary to redo the game completely. The planet is square locations, you can’t do the planet from them.

But! If these two things are not done, the game will not pull anything! IMHO

Yes, so "They want" that it has already fallen up to 50 K in Steam, and this has not yet passed after that "masterpiece".

Many are sitting through gamepass

According to my observations, who wanted to go through – have already passed, including all the additional quests. If you start from the numbers with Howlongtobeat, then it has less content than in Skyrim 2 times, and even less than in fola 4, although this is not a very big game in itself. In short, it is not yet particularly clear what to do in it for a long time

Maybe they plan to add content and activity with updates.

Hmm, in the New Atlanta, I gained more quests for a campaign in all Fallout 4 Yes and spent 8 hours in it before I left it for the first time after arriving.

There is a sea, current, unlike past games and where you could spend at least an hour on simple adventures, immediately more divided. Simple adventures and quest part. This is especially noticeable against the background of Palych 4, and Skyrim too. It was just before that was still the running one according to one main location.
And remember the past games, where the settlement was just to come to pick up quests and dumping, since making there for the most part Nefig, and inside the settlement itself you could perform a couple of quests, but in any case it was quite quickly and the main part of the time you spend In no settlements. And here they tried to make cities really cities and specifically on their territory there are enough quests, even on simple bases, sometimes the task of current within them. Sometimes I am beyond their borders (I mean the actions specifically on one planet) I get out to be explored not by quest, but simply what is called for the sake of interest. Yes there, too, you could find them, but still.
Of course, I did not go completely completely, but the feeling that they tried to directly divide the quest and ordinary study, since the game itself pushes, all of all these many planets, there is no longer to scatter the content throughout the map, it is necessary to focus on something specific
And this is if a fairly standard set is taken, and someone is waving for the construction of advanposts and so on. But this is already quite an amateur