Salt and Sacrifice entered Steam and Nintendo Switch with free content update

Salt and Sacrifice, Continuation of the SKA Studios and Devoured Studios platform and Sanctuary, has become available to Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC with Windows and MacOS (checked on Steam Deck). “The Traitor’s Tomb”, a free update that adds a new area and PVP Arena is also available to the owners of Salt and Sacrifice on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Test the acute sensations from hunting in the role of a swording inquisitor, designed to defeat the spoiled magicians terrorizing the altar kingdom of their damned spontaneous magic. Choose one of the eight starting classes, take the weapon in your hands and go from the pardon valley to clean the kingdom, tracking the magicians and winning them to gain new power.

Fight in complex areas inhabited by terrifying creatures, sinister traps and platform obstacles. Collect hints in the environment to advance in hunting magicians before fighting formidable pyromancies, poisonous and disgusting cormanse who can subordinate the elements to their evil whims. Rest the magicians, destroy their hearts and take their bones to create an increasingly powerful weapon and armor before moving on to the kingdom.

Call other inquisitors for joint hunting or PVP confusion with support for cross-games for all platforms. Use the Cooperation Cooperation Council Pardoner’s Vale to establish passwords for friendly sessions, call random partners with a gold candle and join numerous fractions for PVP and multi -user functions.

Look for the most secret secrets of the kingdom in a completely new update of Traitor’s Tomb, which is now available for free on all platforms. Go down to the mysterious heart of altar stone, a new vast dungeon, hiding the darkest secrets. Meet new NPCs, fight with many new bosses and find new weapons and armor. The “Grand of the Traitor” also presents a new arena regime that allows the inquisitors to fight in PVP matches for 6 players with all players.