Digital Foundry shared the first impressions of the new Forza Motorsport and appreciated its evolution

Before the exit of Forza Motorsport, a few more days remain, but some journalists have already gained access to the game, the reviews of which will be available on October 4. In the meantime, Digital Foundry shares its first impressions from the new Forza Motorsport, analyzes its evolution and even makes a comparison with the predecessor and competitor in the person of Gran Turismo 7. According to them, they did this on the basis of a limited demo version, and not a full version. a game.

First of all, this is the predecessor of Forza Motorsport 7, since the technical evolution in it is simply amazing. Forza Motorsport 7 was an extremely sophisticated game, which is why in some cases it may have the impression that it was not so evolved. But if you look at all the effects and technologies used in Forza Motorsport, we can say that the game has become much more holistic, beautiful and realistic.

A good example is that they did not want to add visual effects to the use of real lighting used to give a realistic type due to ray tracing. This is where the basis of the work that Turn 10 did in order to create absolutely everything from scratch lies. Before us is not evolution, but a completely new part of Forzatech. As for detailing, it is actually much higher than in Forza Motorsport 7.

The dynamics of development is wonderful, but it seems that small visual flaws were found in this assembly, which may be eliminated in the final version of the game. We are talking about elements such as design or some textures that do not seem to reach the standards set by the rest of the game, and stand out against the general background. For example, night races, where lighting plays a fundamental role when it comes to discarding shadows created in real time. One of the chambers that clearly stands out is the camera’s cabin camera, where shadows are really important for creating realism in the middle of the game. Although it is impossible to deny the excellent result that gives trace rays in reflections when playing from the external camera.

After the story about how various performance quality modes are used – from 60 FPS with Ray Tracing and without it up to 30 FPS with the native resolution of 4K and Ray Tracing even in the mirrors – it becomes clear that the game gives what each of the modes offers. But even in this case, you should think about comparing with what Gran Turismo 7 has achieved. Here, according to Digital Foundry, the main attention should be paid not to the result, but by the technologies used during the game, and here Forza Motorsport complies with the balance in its favor, as it uses them in real time.

The most important thing is that the game seems to meet the standards established by Turn 10 – to make a visually amazing game that will set a certain minimum standard for the future. Constant use of rays tracing, working with a frequency of 60 FPS even with a resolution of up to 4K – these are outstanding indicators that do not overshadow other aspects that I did not want to get into. gameplay.

But for this we need to wait for October 4, that is, the moment when the reviews on Forza Motorsport begin to appear and it will be possible to understand what awaits us. Forza Motorsport will be released on October 10, and for the owners of Premium Edition – 5 days earlier, on the consoles of Xbox X Series X | S and PC.