Hello Games celebrated the 7th anniversary of No Man’s Sky and hinted at the next major update

Hello Games celebrates the seventh anniversary of the output No Man’s Sky, recalling the numerous updates released after starting the game, as well as announcing the next update – Echoes. Here’s a message that the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray wanted to share with the community of the developers No Man’s Sky:

Watching the video, I feel a little stunned by the trip that we have passed over the years. Seven years ago, we first saw how players around the world began to explore the universe we created. I can’t describe what it was. This was already the culmination of the five previous years of very intense work of our tiny team (the average team size was only 6 people, and at the time of launch – only 15). We knew that this was the beginning of the path, but did not expect how wild it would turn out to be. I work on this game almost a third of my life, and it turned out to be more successful than we have ever planned or dreamed. It was not always easy, but the guiding star for us always had players and community. For each update, each video, each feature and line in the patch-net there is a team that is very worried about this game. We still want to try a lot, we are still interested in a lot. The next step on this path is no longer around the corner. Very soon we will tell travelers about echoes. The last seven years and, of course, the years of development that preceded the launch would not have been so successful without your support, and we want to thank you for being with us on this journey. Our journey continues. Thank you very much for your support.

How do you undoubtedly remember, the launch of No Man’s Sky was not the most successful. Many functions were absent, which led to the disappointment of fans, not to mention the fact that the version for the PC had a number of problems with performance during the release. However, an independent British developer provided one of the most impressive return on the gaming industry, releasing 35 free updates in which all aspects of the game were redesigned. The game was also released on many other platforms, including Nintendo Switch and, more recently, MacOS with Apple Silicon optimization.

It seems that Hello Games has not yet completed work on No Man’s Sky, so many new updates are expected in the future, starting with Echoes.