Free distribution of the step -by -step strategy Endless Legend in Steam began

Amplitude studios began a free distribution of a step -by -step strategy Endless Legend In Steam. The game has 84% ​​of “very positive” reviews.

To get Endless Legend, gamers need to create an account on the studio’s official website, tie Steam account and pick up the game.

Anyone can pick up the game in the collection, from today from today to January 24 inclusive.

The game will be added to you immediately to the Steam account, no keys are given.
What is needed to pick up the game?
1-We go to the site amplitude studios amplifiers-Powered by Games2Gether ( and register a new account, or go into an existing.
2 – We go to our account settings (settings) and there in the “Connections” section, we attach our Steam account. Binding of an account is a prerequisite! Without this, the game will not be given to you!
3- After that we go to the REWARDS section ( and click on the picture Endless Legend. A window with a game obtaining button will open. Click on the button and redirects us to the Steam website for entering the Steam account and confirmation of receiving the game.
4- You will be offered to add the game to the Steam account. Click “Allow” and you are added to the game to your Steam account
5- Check the addition of the game on the account on Steam itself. We click on our nickname in the upper right corner, then click “On the Account” and in the section “Licenses and activation of keys.»Check the addition of the game” Endless Legend ™ -retal -[Digital] (ww) “to your account.

The game should appear in your Steam library.
Endless Legend itself in Steam is not available for buying in the region of the region, but activating a free copy successfully takes place both on the ru and other like Kazakhstan and others. CIS countries.

In the strategy, you can choose one of eight civilizations with your own stories. Users have to perform tasks and fight for existence in a world that is generated randomly.