Officially: the new part of the Subnaautica is in development and will be released in the first half of 2025

Yesterday, Krafton published the results of its activities for 3 quarter of 2023. There are many games and franchises behind the publisher and developer, including PUBG, but some gamers look forward to news about the new part of Subnautica.

On one of the krafton presentation slides, we can see that the continuation of the game is developed by the Unknown Worlds Entertainment studio, and that its exit is planned for the first half of 2025. No other details, except that it will be released on a PC and consoles, no more.

In the coming years, Krafton, which has many studios, plans to increase production volumes and plans to release more than 32 games from 2024 to 2026.

The main thing is that it is at least the first part and not a terrible, cut second.

Expected, but I hope the outfits will not receive the development as in the second part, without really finishing the plot, and some important objects were removed – for example, they removed a teleport that could be installed somewhere and ultimately move between the gates in the blink of an eye. A very convenient thing, especially when you have several bases and you want to get into them quickly.
In general, both parts are very suitable survivors, a very worked out world with Fauna and Fauna. In the second part, it became possible to scrub and put a musical machine in its dwelling, which pleasantly diversified my apartments)
I hope in the next game there will be more living people, otherwise it is somehow not at all that no one really has no one, in the second part one barely added one person to the plot, but this is somehow few

Personally my opinion, but the first part was much better than BZ just because of the absence of other people. You explore the planet in complete solitude, not knowing whether there are other people or reasonable creatures, this is Sabna charm and gives a good atmosphere.

The second part has its advantages, but I also like the first. But when the second part passed, I liked the unexpected turn that there is still a person in the middle of all this seemingly uninhabited place, and this turn was pleasant.
I would like the third to be more and deeper, and yet there were at least a few people who could be saved and they would inhabit the base. Atmosphere B it did not spoil.
This and gameplay can diversify, since people would give out quests – depends on the developments how interesting they would be