The Ion Fury retro-player will receive the AFTERSHOCK on October 2 on PC

The AFTERSHOCK expansion package for Ion Fury will be released on PC in Steam and GOG on October 2, publishers of 3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing, as well as the VoidPoint developer. The release date of versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch was not announced.

Having defeated Heskel in his previous adventure, Shearrison decides to celebrate this in a local bar. When the explosions interrupt her delicious drink, she rushes to look for Heskel on a monstrous aircraft, crazy when he flies away to the mushroom -shaped cloud on the horizon.

Instinctively, she reaches for her revolver “lover”, takes it off and looks for the fastest transport that can only find – a smooth and powerful high -speed soaring motorcycle, armed with “drunken self -wagging plasma missiles”. Shezkel’s struggle continues: new zones for research are waiting for you, new dangerous enemies, new weapons for their destruction and amazing battles on high -speed vehicles.

Like classic extensions, AFTERSHOCK offers a completely new arrangement mode. Regardless of whether you play Ion Fury for the first time or again, select the “Arranging” mode to experience the original game, but now supplemented by new enemies, weapons and many others.

Oh, already tomorrow, cool.

it would not be right to Duke who did not sell the rights and in this way they continued the series

Minigans in 2 hands are weak like serious sam?))

It would be more graphonically – I would even take it, but.

Duck in the visual chip, this is literally the heiress of Duke Nukem 3D

Here "chip" Systemshock remake was unraveling, although, really, even in this form, the game is cooler than the bio -shock (now I pass Systemshock with pleasure, and I am surprised at the artificially worsened graphics). I understand that they wanted to pay tribute to the original game, where it is insanely terrible graphics by current standards, but why are these stupid huge pixels coexisting with 2004 graphics (doom 3), and plus the schedule-lighting more advanced? The remake is gorgeous, the game delays with its smooth thought -out atmosphere (although there are many illogical moments, for example, as a showman gives orders to his satellites, such as a voice sounding in his head with distortions). But why to pay off the visual, especially for young people who wanted to introduce to the origins of computer games? PS. If anything, I started playing games with a programmable calculator, such, year in 1987-88. There was no graphic interface at all, only the numbers at certain intervals of the time that must be guided by (if the remake of such a game wants to make, then that?) My verdict: there is no chip in this visual. The chip in the remake of Diablo 2, where you can switch one key between the past graphics and the current! But updated graphics – Guano by current standards. But visually, how to pay tribute to the old games – this must be applied intelligence and imagination, and not shitty pixels 128×128. For example, secret areas where graphics turn into the original.

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