Dark and Darker update adds a new glass system and weakens the bard again

Dark and Darker had one of the most unexpected releases this year, but he greatly pleased excited fans. After launching a role -playing game in the dark fantasy genre, Ironmace Games regularly issued corrections that improve the game that add functions and ensure the convenience of the game. The latest update is already available and includes many corrections, class changes and new functions of the gameplay. Players for bards will also notice that the patch is even more weaken by a long -range class class.

The recent correction of Dark and Darker, update 17, really weakens the bard, changing the cost, duration and speed of its skills and abilities. Far battle class was repeatedly weakened by the developer of the role -playing game to help better balance the damage caused by the player. However, changes in class balance are not the only changes that are waiting for us.

The developer’s message further explains what to expect from updating. Ironmace states that “quite satisfied with the improved loss of prey, stimulating players to enter the dungeons“. However, the team believes that “There were too many treasures in the chests“,”which led to an excess of gold in the economy without enough built -in cash“. To fight this, developer “reduced the likelihood of drops of treasures and trinkets of chests“.

Further, the developer reports that the studio also decided “test two major experimental changes“. Ironmace releases “Temporary system of leaders“, Which should be”Less complicated“Than her predecessors. In turn, the developer wants to collect data to help build a “real” upcoming ranking system, which “scheduled for the next big patch“. Ironmace is also experimenting with “The first pool of selection of equipment based“Dark and Darker and introduces a temporary restriction on equipment for conventional dungeons.

The studio states that “well aware” about the possible shortcomings that may arise as a result of these adjustments, but “is interested in collecting these data”. In addition to the new bard weakening, experimental functions and changes in the frequency of loss, the developer also solved a number of common problems. Below you can familiarize yourself with the main points from official notes to the patch.

You can find the notes for the patch on the official Dark and Darker Discord server provided by Ironmace Games, as well as the developer’s full accompanying message about new experimental functions and changes in treasure loss.