“Hello boyars!”: The authors of” Troubles “answered users’ questions and showed fragments of gameplay

Today, July 28, 2023, the creators "Troubles" From the Cyberia Nova studio, a diary of developers was published in which they decided to answer "to boyar questions" users from VK groups of the game. In this video, the authors of the Troubles also showed small fragments of gameplay, battles and Kitszen.

Hello boyars! Meet the second video from the cycle of diaries of the developers “Troubles”, which contains answers to boyar questions.

The project has no exact release date, but not so long ago the developers said that the development "Troubles" located in the middle of the way.

I hope they succeed!

Me too! A rare developer who properly hits a brow in front of a PC boyars, ahah))

With a mustache that they will get on the console today, we have to lick us, do not flatter

Wait, not all money is washed back yet

Always when I see the name of the game in such a font, read as fuss))))

Hope, ours Everything will turn out as it should. It will be extremely interesting look on the final result.

P.S. Not gods burn pots.

P.S. The road will master the walking, and not aching.

I would advise supporting worthy games and developers, and not just those from UK.

Why advice? Meaning? Troubles look like a decent suitable game, judging by the merged personnel of the gameplay. The developers have already proved that they are worthy of support. And by this, your advice in the context of Troubles looks never in place.

The paragraph you blurted out..

In historical games, it is very important not only material historical content – clothes, armor, weapons, city, events and the like, but also the historical reconstruction of social relations. For example, boyar in a conversation with a commoner or lower in social. the stairs (for example with a nobleman) will never allow himself to actively gesticulate, wave his hands and raise his voice since such actions do not correspond to his status. If the game is in the game, then he should move calmly, speak quietly and slowly, with dignity in his position. The society of that period is very hierarchy due to the existence of estates and such an important thing as localism and this is an active component of the atmosphere of the narrative. I really hope that in this game at least at the minimum level it will be taken into account, such as with a stretch, it was implemented in Kingdom Come.
I want the people of XVII to be people of their time, and not our contemporaries transferred to another era. I hope that the creators have a competent historical consultant.

The absence of such a topic, by the way, is very sinful by my favorite Assassin’s Creed series, where material culture is awesomely restored, but everything is very bad with a demonstration of social ties. Especially in the last parts. It is sadly amused when the Vikings and the Saxons (including Tenes, Eldermen and Yarlov, Kings and Konongs) talk like boys from the paddle well or something like that.

It is sadly amused when the Vikings and the Saxons (including Tenes, Eldermen and Yarlov, Kings and Konongs) talk like boys from the paddle well or something like that.

Stupid example. It is immediately clear that you have no idea what you are talking about.

If people in the game are really from your time, then you will not play such a game, if you are not a historian, of course, because at that time the English language was very different from today. You will not elementary not understand the speech of the characters of the game. Therefore, the task of developers to comply with the balance between eras. Do not go over a stick with historicity. I doubt very much that all people of that time in Rus’ followed certain rules of their status. Do you really believe that the boyar always behaved as it is appropriate to behave the boyar by status? Yes, I will not believe in this in life.

For even today not everyone behaves as it is appropriate to behave according to the status. Today’s presidents are sometimes swearing, gesticulating and laughing, and sometimes they insult the leaders of other states, entire peoples, journalists can even send for an uncomfortable issue live. Although, it would seem, there is status, there is a certain etiquette. But it is not observed even in the modern world. What to say then about the Time of Troubles in Rus’, when most of the boyars were not even educated. If you can read and write, this was already considered a good education.

Assassin’s Creed In this regard, it copes remarkably. On the one hand, we have various historical eras, but on the other hand, all characters communicate in a language that is understandable to a modern person. I’m not saying that this is historical in terms of the era. I’m talking about the fact that it will be not historians, but ordinary people, first of all, to play games. So any game in any historical era should speak in a simple language that is understandable to us today, and not in some historical one from a particular era. We will play today, not 400 years ago. The task of the game about the historical era to convey the spirit of that era, and not reproduce it 100%. For 100% reconstruction will not be interesting in terms of gameplay. Games are not a history textbook.

Kingdom Come Deliverance managed to perfectly observe the balance between historicity and modernity. On the one hand, the game about a particular era, but on the other hand, the game with us speaks in the language that we understand. And it is right. Because we are simple players, first of all, and not historians.