According to the PlayTracker portal, the number of players in Starfield has already exceeded 2 million

At 3 a.m. Moscow time from Tuesday, a large start of Starfield will take place on Wednesday. However, according to the latest messages, Bethesda products have already reached two million players, and we can be sure that this is only the beginning.

Starfield was available in early access since last week, but in this situation the players had to buy a game in a more expensive edition, a collectible or special Premium Edition Upgrade, which gave access to the game Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Microsoft and Bethesda have not yet confirmed any details about the success of the adventure, but, according to the PlayTracker portal, Starfield "much" exceeded 1 million. Steam players and 1 million. players on Xbox and Microsoft Store. User data is received slowly and with delay.

We can be sure that millions of other people just bought "ordinary" The version, and even more gamers turned on the game through Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass. There is every reason to believe that the last adventure of Bethesda will be a huge success.

Of course, this is not official information, but just a rude calculation and we will have to wait for official data, but if you are interested, then how are the authors of PlayTracker describe the mechanics of their calculations:

InSight technology is based on the data sampling methodology, similar to the one used in political surveys around the world.

In the most general form, we calculate how many people in our sample have a game, and then extoling this indicator for the whole world to evaluate the total number of players. However, details are much more complicated.

PlayTracker leads two samples – its cross -platform correlated user database and a sliding sample of anonymous public profiles. However, none of these samples is truly random, since users must either register for PlayTracker or simply put their profile for public display, so such samples are not statistically representative.

To solve this problem, we use machine learning. Both samples are introduced into an algorithm that studies on the basis of publicly available data, such as reviews, the number of simultaneous players and, most importantly, confirmed data on the number of players, for example, when the publisher boasts of the number of sales.

Comparing tens of thousands of such reliable confirmed data points with data in our sample, the algorithm produces its understanding of which users are renewed or unpromected, and then correctly adjusts our grades.

On the other hand, many graphs use achievements data – for example, our schedule "New users over time". These data are taken directly from the database and are not affected by machine learning, so when using these data, you should remember this.