The post -apocalyptic shooter Once Human received a new gameplay trailer. ZBT will be held in the winter of 2023

Starry Studio has released a tempting new gameplay trailer for her new survival game in the sandbox with the Open World Once Human. The game takes place in the post -apocalyptic world suffering from alien matter, known as “star dust”. The game offers players to move around the complex open world, where the survivors are constantly at risk. The developers also announced the beta testing plan, which is planned for the winter of 2023.

As for the new content, the trailer for the gameplay not only demonstrates exciting battles with monstrous creatures and amazing visual elements, but also raises intriguing questions: why is a giant hand sticking out of the sky? Like ruins, once splashed at night, are now restored in the light? Presenting excerpts from the gaming scene, the trailer effectively creates a feeling of secrets and evil forebodings, adding an apocalyptic atmosphere.

The new trailer also offers to look at the intriguing game mechanics of the game. Players can throw a fishing line into calm water, enjoying a peaceful pursuit of fish, or test a surge of adrenaline, controlling the van on the post -apocalyptic landscape. These options for the gameplay prompt the players to explore and solve the riddles that are waiting ahead. Thanks to the larger number of game mechanics that can be found in the game, players will probably be fascinated by the variety of impressions of the proposed impressions.

Starry Studio also announced the new beta testing once Human, appointed for the winter of 2023. Although the details, such as the duration of the test, have not yet been disclosed, interested players may remain in the course of events by subscribing to the official ONCE Human platforms on social networks. Beta testing will offer the chosen number of participants the opportunity to plunge into the gloomy-bombing world once Human until its full launch on the PC in Steam, planned for the third quarter of 2024.

In Once Human, players fall into a well -realized, dynamic world, where realistic weather and lighting create an exciting background. The world was devastated by star dust, as a result of which the landscape is teeming with monstrous creatures and contaminated resources. Players are offered a choice: either cooperate with others for survival, or create a powerful weapon to rob supplies from opponents. The actions of players significantly affect the world: their battles determine the fate of NPC fractions, and their construction work constantly change the landscape.