The players called Diablo 4 the launch of “the most smooth launch in the history of Blizzard on PC”

Fans are so impressed by the way Diablo 4 servers hold that they announced her "The most smooth launch in the history of Blizzard on PC".

It was a long and painful expectation, but finally Diablo 4 came out. The long-awaited fourth part of the Equest-RPG religious series is now available in early access for those who have chosen Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. And those who have an express book in the sanctuaries were struck by the lack of long queues, delays and other problems that often interfere with service games at the start.

"The most smooth launch in the history of Blizzard on PC", – wrote the user Abrakdabra on the Sabredite Diablo 4, adding: "I just completed the first act at the 16th level, all the time remained online, and not the slightest delay. Blizzard really surpassed themselves, and this game seems damn amazing".

The Kestononline user’s first experience in Diablo 4 was the same serene. "I went 10 minutes before the planned launch time", – he said. "So far, no queues for input, errors or disconnects". Many others also praised Blizzard efforts. "After 5 hours of playing with absolutely zero problems on PC", – One of the fans said. Another wrote: "I am dumbfounded by the fact that there were no queues or lags", and the third called the launch "silky-gloomy".

One of the players Diablo 4 also noted how well the game works when using the crosspiece. "I play PC and played with two friends on Xbox for about three and a half hours", – he said. "None of us had problems, nor lags, no communications breakdown. Only 4 minutes in line to enter the game".

While most players, especially on the PC, it seems that they got excellent experience in the game in Diablo 4, not everyone was so lucky. A number of players are experiencing problems with the connection, such as TBE_RAVAGR, who said that "Due to constant failures, he managed to play only 15 minutes". Yesterday there were messages about the queues and codes of errors that did not allow players to take part in the game. Fortunately, Blizzard recognized the existence of problems and said that the correction was already ready. But the players have already found a way to solve the problem.

It is also worth noting that since this early access is currently playing only a small part of the fans in Diablo 4, and with the release of the full version that will begin to go out in a few days, we can see more problems with the waiting time and delays, since the number of players will increase and the load on servers will increase.