The main character of the new Fable was sicked from actress Lily Nicole

Lily Nicole, beginning actress from the UK. It turned out that she was the prototype of the heroine from the video of the new Fable, and not the developer of Willow Morris, as previously claimed. This was stated by the actress herself on her Instagram. This information was also confirmed on his Twitter page by the leading technical specialist PlayGround Games David Springate.

The reaction to the whole situation of Lily Nicole herself, which the gamers called ugly and confused with a trance, is still unknown.

Why is she much better in life than in the game? She herself is not dumb, what a humanoid was made of her?

Money does not smell

Really some kind of crap. In life, a normal woman, in the game of a zechka-tuberculomic agent sitting on drugs

The usual is not a young woman from the street.

3-DE The artist crap

By the way, this is not the first time that a girl in life is more beautiful than her game character. Here it is not an artist to crap, and this is done purposefully.

Why did they not do it like Jubisoft? They could even have a jubisoft, but these are not, the girl looks good.

Because Jubisoft can no longer incur financial losses for the sake of the agenda, they right now at a crossroads – or their new games will shoot and return the company fame and money or the fate of the gazebo awaits them.

But Microsoft may not worry about finances at all and create game.

No, there most likely Lucas Film took care of, there were no terrible stars from the electronics, except that this assistant with a pumped eye in Folence Order.

They were able? You have seen the actress who played the character ?

For a long time I was looking for a terrible stop frame? She looks okay there in a trailer, the hairstyle was well picked up.

Elektronics in the order were also at the edge, they even wanted to take a license then.

Moders will correct everything

Do not pi.di! We already know where it was sighed!)))

Now she will still pile her grandmas to say "Oh yes it is me"

Although the actress is not a super model, she is much more beautiful than what came out this victim of incest

In life there is an ordinary girl, and in the game she was like a mother of 8 children, works at the factory and stole strong years in the evenings for 10 years.

Girl, looking like a woman for 30 mediocre appearance.

Ept. Yes, in all countries, people in factories work. you are simply without them = 0 will be in life. Ahahaha.

The sketchor in the eye was shared apparently. The actress looks normal, I hope they do not bother her for all this bustle

The main character of the new Fable was sicked with a left designer of the game-developer of the game-Trans Willow Morris.

That’s more believe in this

There is more similarity

Recalls the situation with Andromeda, where the actress is beautiful, but the character is not very.

Where is it beautiful? Already so beautiful is called.

As if everyone has already forgotten how T -shirts can in the presentation of games.
It has always been so, there will be and will be.

It turns out interesting. If you sketched a real person, then why in life this real person is much more beautiful than his copy in the game? The breeds specifically disfigured the actress for the game? For what? Was it really so difficult to just draw the actress as it is, without disgrace her? Scared that the heroine would be too feminine? LGBT perverts will be offended? I have no other explanation why in life this actress is much more beautiful than her game copy.

If this is the main character, then I went forest.

How they were made from a completely beautiful and pleasant girl of this orc?

And she is a beauty chtoli? Not ugly but not a beauty for the game, just the usual aunt we see a crowd around us.

All the more beautiful than your girlfriend:

That’s exactly what we see crowds around us. And in games I don’t want to play for one of the crowd. In games I want to play for beautiful characters. Well, in fact, the real actress is much more beautiful than her game copy, and therefore, in any case, it is not clear why the inconsistent disfigured the actress model? It was so difficult to make a game version at least no worse than the original in real life?

And what does someone’s girl? When you can choose any why choose some kind of lahudra? Beautiful girls are already a crime?

Well, go choose. Elle, Vogue at your service. Although that I am. Here, rather, a fan of the online and Pronhab 😂

Why to minus the news ? The author is not to blame that the new part of the faable will be all

Nonsense. The appearance was taken with Willow Morris, designer PlayGround, who is a tray man man with makeup. Google – it is clear that one terrible face.

And then I immediately remember "Stunning" Restored "Saints Row". Also, instead of authentic characters, the hipster vyser.

sho that is a freak sho, and even in freckles

Well, as usual, witch hunt.

We’ll burn the beautiful, we will leave the terrible.

Never the case was and here again

Quite sweet Madame in real life, why in the game such all the same

I don’t understand anymore. This is a hybrid Nicole and this humanoid? Che she is so terrible in the game?

The actress is nice. The drawer did not really turn out.

Nice, third grade is not a marriage

This happens when you take a deer to work, and if it is also a trans.

Skin then I can hope to change.

All hope for models

The original looks better

and made five times more ugly! Cool.

But you can not?

I just can’t understand why you decided that this is the main character, not trolling? Fabel has always been a little with a cring) in a good way.. Most likely there will be an editor of the character, as before, and it will be possible to create his own to each of his own)

Optimism is good, optimism is reliable.

The best developers of real showed a gamepal video, not this shit.

My reaction when I saw her face:

This video has a hidden force. Moreover, the record managed to record everything

And what legs they painted? Front or rear?:)))

Apparently vasyukali, so it turned out to be a waist.

Why is she like an Abby of Lastukha 2. It cannot be a coincidence.

But not too much like

One horserad. The prototype is also mild to amateur. Well, the embodied image is simply monstrous. This is no longer Fable, this is Nightmare.

The reaction to the whole situation of Lily Nicole herself, which the gamers called ugly and confused with a trance, is still unknown.

Hmm, as usual in the game was mutilated. She is not straight beauty, but not a ugly, even cute in some photos.
And in the game again ugly goblin.

E. Swy shame ! They fade ?! I will not play this

So dashed game model turned out. Well this is necessary to try.

What a vile smoked cattle. Fu creature. I hope you can play not for this animal, but choose a normal

In the game, it is like aunt

Now the character in the game looks even worse.

I understand that this is a fantasy world and all things, I have already reconciled with nigers on the streets and in games, but I see this and I understand that this is the next failure calic

I can do it "Talented" I will tear off the designers? Took and disfigured the pretty appearance of a real person!

In life, it looks better than in the shown trailer.

The actress, it seems, is pretty, and GG is terrible as an atomic war.

In the West, there are definitely only trolls for 3D artists, they take all beautiful women from whom refers are taken – redrawn into terrible.

The game turned out to be a dumb trans, although in life it is no better. After watching the trailer, I generally. But what to expect from Western games and films now. There if you find a white man, then he at least not mind giving in a chocolate

I have the feeling that the modern game community has lost the concept of humor. Modern players like children of an offender, are offended from any sneezer. In the trailer black and white, they make it clear that the character was given by sexy body and a terrible face specifically for humor, even there the characters in the trailer heroine are played up at the beginning when she turns, I am amazed that the players turned so such a banal joke. There are two types of vile people, these are those who promote the agenda in the games, and the second type is those who even see the agenda even in the most ordinary things and manage to be offended

Sexy body? Sarcasm or this is your not lost concept of humor?

Well, you will review the trailer and you will understand, it’s really sad that so banal jokes as for, for example, with a face and this character has to be chewed, the same backward players are now, and then people are surprised why the absolute toothless Presnyak like asasins, choirses and such nonsense becomes Popular. People are so stupid that they really believe that they opened America for the developers by calling the character’s face terrible, they literally themselves in the trailer with a direct text to the player and they say, look, a beautiful figure but a terrible face, dare above the ugodina, and the Persian is specially built as a dumb Gritish. And everyone is scared, but no, our summers of the summons made a whole discovery out of this, the captains of the obviousness of the pancake, and managed to be offended by this, I would understand if the scandal, on the contrary, rolled out any femels, but not a single adequate person with the brain on This was not offended, but judging by the comments, there are really little adequates left

And again you talk about some kind of beautiful figure (in the past sex body), so I ask where you saw it there? You looked at the microscope or something?

Water trailer and wash your eyes, this is PZC, I don’t even want to comment, this is some kind of stage

If the body of this monster seems attractive to you, then I can only benefit

The fact that this monster does not have a member is good, but that the character, that this actress is striped. Apparently there was not enough money for a beauty with a figure

In life, it is at least for a beer is faded, and in the phablah – blood from the eyes from its appearance.