The leading developer Clockwork Revolution says that this is a “child of love” of the two best RPGs ever created

CED MUR, Director of Steampank-RPG Clockwork Revolution from Inxile, said:

Thanks to the deep construction of the world, the exciting narrative, durable RPG systems, exciting gameplay and enormous reactivity, I always described Clockwork Revolution as a child of love Arcanum and Vampire: The Masqueate – Bloodlines.

In another life, MUR was a developer at Troika Games, a legendary company that created the cult Role games Arcanum: of SteamWorks and Magick Obscura, The Temple of Elemental Evil and Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines. When a person who has considerable experience on Arcanum and Vampire says that Clockwork Revolution is "A child of love" these two games from "Huge reactivity", These are not empty words.

Troika games are simply amazing with their diversity. The studio was founded by the creators of Fallout 1 Tim Kane, Leonard Boyarsky and Jason Anderson. Their first game, Arcanum, is felt almost like an alternative Fallout 2.

Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines translated this principle into the first -person perspective on the Source engine from Valve. This game to this day looks fantastic, it blows from it with a gloomy charm of the beginning of the century and the Gothic atmosphere.

Inxile also has established itself as a RPG developer by releasing the new Wasteland and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Communication with Troika enhances the participation of the co -founder of the company and developer Fallout 1 Jason Anderson, who also works in Inxile and works on Clockwork Revolution.

All these talents in the field of classic RPG make you look forward to the first attempt by Inxile to create a more exciting role -playing game from the first person. Clockwork Revolution release date has not yet been determined, but it will appear "in my time". Meanwhile, the other two founders of Troika, Tim Kane and Leonard Boyarsky seem to work hard on The Outer Worlds 2.