The Bridge Curse psychological horror: Road to Salvation will appear on consoles on August 30

Независимый разработчик и издатель Eastasiasoft Limited в партнерстве с Softstar Entertainment сегодня объявили о том, что их азиатский кинематографический хоррор The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation выйдет на платформах Nintendo Switch, PlayStation и Xbox 30 августа. The game will also receive a physical release for the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Immerse yourself in The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation, an exciting narrative horror-game, represented through the prism of a cinematic-type of first-person. In this atmospheric adventure action movie, players explore the events associated with one of the most famous supernatural incidents in Taiwan, the terrible horror, the action of which takes place at the University of Tunhu. When six brave college students decide to resist the sinister urban legend of the female ghost, they arouse a curse that no one knows how to destroy.

As the game is playing, your ally will be strategic secrecy, which will help you avoid the claws of the vengeful ghost and collect together a confusing puzzle, in which the key to salvation is located.

The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation is a first -person psychological horror, inspired by the Taiwanese horror film “Curse of the bridge”. This adaptation revolves around six university friends who challenge a well -known city legend and ultimately awaken a curse that none of them knows how to remove. The player must take turns taking the role of these friends and help them find a way to survive the night when they are pursued by an vengeful ghost.

Players will need to act secretly in order to slip away from the evil ghost, which is walking along their trace while they collect the secret of the curse together and find the way out of the campus. The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation offers tense actions, elements of the puzzle, exciting research, the narrative of cinematic quality and advanced graphic design, complemented by new English voiced, created by EastasiaSoft.