The authors of Starfield answered the community questions and gave a little advice: “Do not get along with the carved organs”

On the eve of Starfield launch, two leading developers from Bethesda went to Discord to conduct a small Q&A, answering questions received from hoping fans of fans, and the result was an information dump with useful advice: "Do not catch your eye with these carved organs". Everything was said by my grandfather.

Leading quests designer Will Shen and the leading designer Emil Paliarulo answered a total of 16 questions. The full version of the conversation can be viewed at the official Discord Bethesda Game Studios by subscribing to a free club "Constellation" Starfield and gaining access to Constellation-Dev-Chat.

Before we plunge into the wall of the text, these are a few main points from questions and answers. Is it possible to go through Starfield absolutely non -violent? Many troubles can be avoided, but completely pacifist passage is not "Absolutely feasible". As for housing for players – how it works? Good news: you can buy a house in all major cities in Starfield, and there is at least one secret shelter that can be opened using quests.

And here is an important question for novice space thieves: will you put you in prison if you come across a crime? Yes, because the legal system Starfield is more like Skyrim than the Commonwealth from Fallout 4. And finally, how many people can be recruited? Starfield has more than 20 personalized characters, and four of them have additional plot content.

Now let’s move on to the details, that is, to some basic points.

  • With the Kid Stuff line, your parents will look like your character? "Yes, sure", – He says Paljarulo. "As in Fallout 3 with your father and in Fallout 4 with your son, in Starfield, if you take the KID Stuff line, your parents will look like you".
  • How smuggling works? You can find out more here. But here the advice sounded:"Do not catch your eye with these carved organs". Please note that he did not say "Do not remove them", And just "Do not fall".
  • Starfield time is only going on when the game is launched. This means that in the upcoming role -playing game there will be no background activities, for example, for resources or production production.
  • Can you play as a double agent for fractions? Yes and no. As Bethesda said last year, you can join all Starfield fractions at the same time, "Like in Skyrim". Thus, you can be part of two competing fractions – for example, Paljarulo says: "Penetrate into the crimson fleet for UC SYSDEF" Within this quest line – but Shen says: "Whether you betray a fleet or uc sysdef is a choice that you have to make".
  • What religions and belief systems exist in Starfield? Paljarulo says that real religions are present in Starfield, but the main attention is paid to the original religions that exist in the universe. For example, the relatively new Sanctum Universum preaches that "God somewhere there, in the universe, and that the ability of mankind to travel along the stars brings us closer to God". Shen points to "Enlightened" – "an atheistic group that is engaged in humanitarian and social activities".
  • What games or films have influenced some quests? You will not believe: "star Wars". And "Star cruiser “Galaxy”", "Cosmos: 1999", "Tank Rogers", "Battle outside the stars", "Metal storm: Jared-sina collapse", "Contact", "Interstellar", "Through the horizon", "Cosmic Odyssey 2001" and a few more films included in the Faljarul list.
  • Starfield will not require any game experience in the previous RPG from Bethesda. According to Paljarulo, Starfield can pass at any pace and in any way you like – there are no restrictions on this. Starfield will discover the players great opportunities for making plays of roles due to a flexible character system setting. According to the designer, his last character is a good -natured trucker named Mitch Dombrovsky, who will never shoot first, but will do everything that will be required for self -defense.

The release of the project will be held on September 6 on PC and consoles Xbox Series S | X. By the way, the game can be won on our website, and you can find out about how to get more bonuses here.