Players have found a way to launch a network mode of Mortal Kombat 1 in Russia

Today will be a full release of Mortal Kombat 1 from Netherrealm Studios. Due to technical restrictions, domestic gamers lost the impressive part of the content of the new fighting. As it turned out, in Mortal Kombat 1 network mode is blocked for players from UK and Belarus. It seems that the developers do not plan to remove restrictions, but they have already found a working solution to the problem on the network.

It is reported that the restriction in fighting is made quite primitively. If you experience problems with the Mortal Kombat 1 servers, you can use the available VPN, but the quality of the connection will be extremely low. Instead, players recommend changing DNS parameters, which is very easy to make on the PS5 console:

  • Open the main console settings and go to the section "Net"
  • Choose a item "Install the Internet connection"
  • Choose your connection and call "Additional settings" Through the menu "Options".
  • Find the item "DNS settings" And set the parameter "Manually", By introducing the following data:
  • Main server: 176.99.eleven.77
  • Additional server:

You can also try to change the DNS on Xbox consoles and PC. This setting allows you to automatically connect to Mortal Kombat 1 servers and opens access to network modes for players from UK and Belarus. As users note, with standard DNS, the stability of the connection remains good, so playing network matches will be comfortable.

Humiliate, crawl, still stick their grandmas to those who openly say that they do not need money from them. Disgrace

This is not up to money- while their sticks are already bend the leaks (financial) start, the bonds will not be saved soon.

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I agree completely. These hamsters are so wretched, ugh.

I wonder if something similar will happen to GTA 6, then what will happen? They simply will not play it because they don’t want to humiliate themselves?

If the publisher does not want my money, I will not force him – I will bring it to those who will be loyal. Xs what kind of GTA 6 is there, after SA I did not play any.

How good it is for me by FIGs to these network functions, the campaign has passed and the norms, I am waiting for the DLC PRPO ADU and the renewal in the cyberpunk with DLC, in FIG this online slag all.

It seems to be covered this bench, after entering the game, a few seconds in a few seconds, an error occurred again

The main thing to endure! And there will be a new way. The main thing is torture.. and do not forget to buy it again for 6k through the left stores.

How did you find a way to buy a game in UK .

Well, for sure, on a Kazakh account, as an option to buy as a gift for the main or right on it, now the only way games are bought mainly. Well, damn how much time has passed, did anyone really have learned to buy the game.

Of course, I apologize, and the fuck was to make the servers on the beta test of the English Federation and the Republic of Belarus, and then block, like a joke? byte from Netherrealm or how?

Players who gave 6-8k now at least they can play and their money will not fly to the pipe. And there will be a memo for the future, they will think twice whether to buy games from this company

It will not be like they smeared there and smear on.

Pre -orders will not allow you to lie, as many threatened not to do this and that we see, they continue to pretend

Those threatened by those who did not do them anyway. Shit in comments for the sake of srach and self -affirmation. Now exactly the same thing is happening) The little man is pouring on top of all who bought the game and seeks ways to play not because he is so fundamental, but all around are stupid people, but because he just wants attention and tries to show what he is non -tacuacuac) in mouth e*Al this policy) After all, even if someone were an ardent patriot, but at the same time living at the border and loving MK, few began to impose such views and not buy/play in MK)

Made a pre -order a month ago on Paid.Ru, returning money is not a reason, I did not think that they would block online, now I would not buy, knowing this. But nothing, now we will know. We cross out the company Netherrealm to constant, from the rest we take, if only everything is fine after the exit.

P.S. Drooling and snot still wipes off my face))) The spit is delicious)

Not Netherrealm, but all games from WB Games

Who is to blame for you that you bought a game from the huckster.

He complains just to complain and cut down plusiks, and if I bought the game not from the huckster, he could return.

The error is always issued uselessly

It does not give an error if you do not edit the parameters of the IP via Windows proposal, and directly by the old fashioned way to the network adapter. Go to the option "Setting up the parameters of the adapter" And there change DNS manually. IPV4. Everything works, but the game is not worth the candle. I made a refanda.

In the last screening, you change the position in manually, drive the addresses of DNS and you will be happy.

PS The main thing is not to forget, played the game, turn on the automatic addresses from the provider. In no case do not drive passwords and logins in the browser or somewhere else to enter various applications, etc. Using these DNS.

The method of bypass was not long in coming.

"All outplayed. All destroyed".

And in the Crimea we’ve been so getting amazed for 10 years) I always do this when I connect to the EA games

Why are so simple players annoyed you or crossed the road that you hit the hostages, not terrorists? I always supported licensed games, appreciated the work of the developers, but at some point I realized that these slippery comrades should not pay a cent! Now torrent and only torrent!

Yeah, especially when the game is tied online, see you on the torrent

let them swear with Uncle Vova- yeah

Torrentopteks at any opportunity:

I never played Mortal Kombat on Online! 2 gamepad, 2 people and without any online

A direct way like Xbox when he turned into a brick, those that were released after March 22, it was necessary to prescribe the DNS.

But for sorcea this method is not suitable?

and that the witch is blocked, in Steam? what parts?

Interestingly, in a license agreement. I am not strong in jurisprudence, but this is such a deception of the consumer, not? Or how? Well, this whole story with connecting.

In blocked countries – the game is not sold.

And, for sure. Well, further "what if" no sense to unwind)

not everything can be issued a server error or normal, full working

They treat us like this, but still stand on the knees with shame

Ril, it works. Just do not trumpet, otherwise the farners will cover

"Technical restrictions"))) This is what it is called

I do not understand people who feed the development of money when developers against English citizens go. If the developers closed the access of their game in UK, let them go far away. And those developers who release games with Russification and do not close access in UK, you can still think to buy games from them or not. Personally, I do not buy games from those who have packed the games in UK. And make all sorts of rounds to buy, in the coffin I saw it. There are many games that can be played without dancing with a tambourine. Closed access in UK of some games. Be above this, do not feed such money.

On the one hand, you are right, our players buy what they do not want to sell them, but I understand those players who buy, they just want to play certain games and all find ways to do it, someone buys different cunning ones in ways, and someone is shaking with torrents, players are not worried about politics at all, people buy various drinks at high prices that they do not officially sell in UK, and this is even though some companies have left, but remained, that is, simply We renamed their drinks, the manufacturer is the same, but people are ready to overpay a double price for the familiar label, what can we say about the players who are real fans of the game series. Players are approaching this issue, unlike developers without any policy. But as for politics, despite the abundance of the sanctions of the US introduced against UK, UK continues to sell US Uranus, moreover, in more than earlier than earlier. and accepts radioactive waste from Europe. That is, all that they need from UK, UK sells it, and allows you to use its territory as a dump of radioactive waste. But this is not all, from cheap English oil, fuel is made for military equipment of the Ukrainian army. Compared to all this, your complaints about English and Belarusian players who are looking for ways to buy games that they do not want to sell, look really ridiculous.

Why did I immediately know what the news about even before going to it?

And on the contrary, I love such news – I love to see these tears of these, which is hidden on the face, and they all follow the addition!))

It’s only a shame that such creatures will not even wise, but these are their problems;)

The way to tolerate and buy was not long in coming.

– in Mortal Kombat 1 network mode is blocked for.

What a pity, even does not reach Quitality)

Why, plots in fighting winging can only like 5-8 years.

Do not attribute your tastes to others., Everyone has different

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but how to convey it to you? Send by SMS?

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You can create the server of the DS and there to create an info at least it will be without rogue, who will find out if a private server

They will cover that? Change of DNS? Grandfather, where did you go?

There is nothing "Bespaley". Anyway, someone will merge the info. It makes no sense to sit in a rag below the grass. This is silly.

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