New stunts on bikes, metro trips and battles in the Zadorennoye Trailer Update 2.1 for Cyberpunk 2077

Large content patch under number 2.1 to the Cyberpunk 2077 and the Phantom Freedom complement for the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will be released tomorrow December 5 and CD Projekt Red decided to please fans and released a baking trailer, which showed the main innovations of the upcoming update.

Players will receive a full metro. In addition, the authors will improve the battles with bosses (especially Adam Smesher), add more places for spending time with romantic partners and introduce several pleasant surprises for motorists at once.

Today the authors have already revealed a complete list of changes in the upcoming patch.

Really again recall?

I went through the DLC and I went through a little base (I cleaned the entire card on the release) and realized that I remember these missions, and scored

Where all this was three years ago ?! q (–_–*) p

I think it is true that the addition has not paid off – and now it is worth expecting various updates to cause interest in the game and sell as many copies as possible in order to go out at least 0.

And how it would have paid off, it’s just interesting given that the game was blown up by just an unrealistically long patching for the sane game themselves, so no one expected that the addition would be sold like Ira herself on the release, no one believed the Poles until they played. on the pirate, and I didn’t really want to buy it after, because with each patch now new endings and large content support should not be expected

Now this is a game of dreams) will have to go through the fifth time)

Epere Theater. Really waited)

This is not a scamfield for you. Output apparently all the Wishlist of the pseudo fans will fulfill =)))

The game was held for 2.0 there were no problems . Game top . DLC TOP . Kiana top =)

Interesting, but it will be like a car?

Probably, the screenshots were where Vi in the jacket stands at the door of the entrance and rides

I think it is unlikely, it will probably be like in Deus

The finished waited for their metro, which will be used twice in the entire game😂

In fact, the metro is to the box so that the critics have nothing to get there

Oh, well then, still in trailers on the wall on implants, it was possible to run and much more missions with the dead partner of VI should have been that the player would attach to the character and the differences between the initial groups should be affected not only by the prologue. And also tuning cars.

3 years have been waiting, tin simply, all this should be on the release of the game! And then some kind of beta version, early access, and 3 years patchil! Of course thanks to them, they didn’t abandon the game, but anyway, if it was all on the release, it would be possible to avoid srach!

I think everything is trite, they did not calculate the game budget, and the loot ended stupidly. There the campaign arose the question either to release now and finish later, or not to release at all. T.e. In fact, in 2020, beta version came out. And only now a full release.

Agree! By the beta version, you got to the point!

This is not Larian, they had much more reserves. Rather, they did not calculate the entire amount of work and because when a lot of ideas began to bring to mind within the framework of one game it turned out that it was much more complicated than it seems and requires much more effort. And the shareholders most likely pressed that the game be released without another transfer. Indirectly, mechanics like the metro hint at this – which the models turned on without problems, and it was displayed not as a third -party mod, but as an official addition. Moreover, it was cut out quite clumsy – as it happens in a hurry, when they do not give it to mind and it is urgent to release the game, so unfinished mechanics either turn off or cut out in a hurry.

as far as I know, not in them, but that the fact that investors demanded to release faster. They needed a profit. And they did not care about the state of the game

In short, the narrative structure itself was very cut off by IMHO. According to my sensations, after the background, there should be a series of plot orders- missions that open with a set of cool glasses. The main leitmotif of this chapter was to be the goal of getting to the Premier League. Only with such a structure, all these fixers and side quests-quests, purchases of car, and a system of reputation glasses are normally wedged into the narrative. With the growth of reputation, new orders and large plot quests are opened that must move the GG to the goal of getting into the afterlife and the upper league. It is as part in the witcher between the heal and the location of Ciria. There is a basic goal, but it does not crush too much and allows you to play a witcher, a kind of route trip without damage to the narrative. T.e. We kind of walking in the footsteps of Tsiri, but there are no tough temporary restrictions. In the final version in Cyberpanka, this limited time is not glued by GG time, here it will die, and we must look for a solution to the problem there, and he drives cars, he searches for Kilezikhov, generally suffers from some side by a side. Initially, I think the structure was like a witcher. Introduction, then a leisurely gameplay with the ability to run to study the side effects, and in the third act the maximum intensity and high concentration of events. EEH I would be an unrealistic masterpiece, give them investors time.

Bastards will again have to go through the game again

These fantasies on the topic of the future. In the film, the double dragon 2007 is shown so fantastic

It is possible that any of the existing characters in the game was a trance) this is the world of implants, everything is possible there)

So Claire. If her quests with races pass, then she talks about it there.

In terms of? When she said that?
On the contrary, I remember her a conversation that she does not put implants fundamentally.

So in the dialogue (like that, which is next to the dam) about the transition mentions. And besides "Beast" Transovsky flag

What does the implants have? For this they are not needed. In one of the dialogs, she mentioned that she was familiar with her husband / previous pilot even before her procedure (well, yes, a little was a little veiled in the English translation, but you can still understand). Well, the flag of the pickup beast as if confirms.

I literally the day before yesterday passed Cyberpank)) And then reckon

I wonder what other updates will be?

No more, maximum – correction of errors and bugs

And on the roof it will be possible to go on the carriage?

It remains to add repeated tasks for max and trawas and tuning cars and this will be the game that I fantasized in 2018

To go out, for more than 3 years the game was brought into a playable state! But the young people did not give up their hands and finished everything, it was worth only waiting for a new AAA game for only time)))

Dajavu from this news, as if it were yesterday. Ouch.

Metro, convertible, races. The atmosphere is certainly good, but whether, for example, such additional cells of fast access, night vision mode will appear? And other little things because of which you have to put mods of third-party developers? Will the bug killing v will ultimately be finally eliminated when immersed with Judy? Something I am very doubtful!

The atmosphere is certainly good, but whether, for example, such additional cells of fast access, night vision mode will appear? And other little things because of which you have to put mods of third-party developers?

Bug with Judy is eliminated from 2.0

By the way, yes, 2077 people have scanners in the cornea of ​​the eyes, implants and other modification of the body, and the night vision is the last century in the future, it does not convey with implants. Lol pancake

Moreover, in the game itself, it is precisely shown in the plot quest that Evelyn of the optics Kiroshi wrote down in infrared light, which actually allows you to determine in Brain, where the chip is hidden in the Penthouse Erinobu. Why in the game there is not that thermal imager – banal backlight in dark places is incomprehensible. Especially considering that there are enough places with poor visibility in the game.

I caught him again for 2.02

I don’t work for me alone when I walk on foot and the map of the bridge in the subway does not miss.

Cyberpank smoothly turns into Sims

What looks juicy!)

Here it is, the game of dreams

Finally finished = what is the time to take. And that already without options.

Here are the end of early access, 3 years long. XD

Metro is a full Gomnishche

With partners, I spent normal time

T.e. it turns out the full edition on the disk is not complete again?

The main conflict of the game is more and more contradicting what Vi does, and what new amusements for her/he is added.

The current game has already passed + cyberpunk, I do not accept – I do not like!

Now 1000 billion people will rush to ride a 24/7 subway) the most important element of gameplay)

CP2077 This is a plot, quests, an open world, well, why with this game of SALTO Motorcycles? What they give? Most move through access points. The point of rolling this dead city?

Climbing the walls with the help of mantis did not bring. Neither models nor edy
Not that it was so necessary, just a spectacular feature

If there is no need for a feature, then what for it is needed? For the sake of spectacular? Well, spectacity does not justify to spend resources on adding such a feature.