Modder Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines tells how difficult cut content was restored

Modder Wesp5 recently shot several videos about the creation of an unofficial patch, and they are full of wonderful small details, which are even more impressive for what the team of modders managed to achieve. A lot of what they did include the restoration of unused assets found in the game files, including the model "General Lee" from "Dukes of Hazzard", which now stands in the parking lot of the museum, as well as several compositions of the composer Rick Shaffer, which otherwise would remain unheard of.

If the team had to resort to a creative approach, then, as a rule, it was based on a thorough study. Even adding a short track that allows you to happily pass the sewer labyrinth, which is one of the weakest parts of Bloodlines, uses cards based on screenshots from beta version.

The last video is an ideal example, it tells about the creation of a quest "Night in the library". The longest cut quest, restored by an unofficial patch, is based on Brian’s comments Mitsoda from Troika made in an interview, as well as in emails with questions that he remembers him. The quest events take place mainly in the Los Angeles public library, while unused models and textures found in the game files are used, as well as completely new objects based on the photographs taken by the Burgermeister modder, which traveled to Los Angeles to collect reference materials. This is selflessness.

The final of the quest occurs in an underground den, created on the basis of an unused alternative version of one of the plays of the game, and another screenshot from Beta. It has a scene created by the Entenschreck Modder, which restores some unused animations, and even the villain monologue uses a restored voice file that was found in the public domain.

Presumably, this voice file was a workpiece not intended for voicing, and its low quality is one of the reasons that caused disputes about the additions of an unofficial patch at one time. It is currently accepted that the patch is necessary and is an incredible achievement, although you can choose between the version "plus", which adds more, and the basic version containing only error corrections. (GOG publication is supplied with a pre -installed basic version, although outdated, so you should still load the latest version).

Despite the fact that a couple of not quite correct votes have been added to the patch, I recommend this particular patch if you want to get the maximum pleasure from playing Bloodlines today. The latest version can be completely free from our site.