In the fifth hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3, Mintara dialogs repaired

Larian Studios has released the fifth hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 and Mintara lovers, your ship has arrived. In this correction, an error was eliminated that blocked access to some replicas of Mintara dialogue, including your satellites hot replicas about your decision to meet a ruthless paladin.

If the approval is quite high, then the romance with a mining station will develop in the third act. This will reveal several new dialogs that allow you to explore and deepen relationships, as well as find out more details of the background of the ministry. In addition to many interactive dialogs, many non -interactive voiced replicas are available with a mining partner as a romantic partner.

However, not only Mintars have something to say. Other party associates will comment on their relations and can even be on the side of the ministers if they have their own romantic relationship with you. In addition, we have a number of corrections intended only for PS5 players.

You can find a full list of changes here.

In, just under the second passage

I just stand in front of her, but I didn’t start with her dialogue XD I hope I don’t have to start it again so that the fixed me

And I just went through the game today and I’m going to the second race)

The first time I bent a purely good line for the paladin, with Karllah Roman, Will and Gail in the team, now the second race for the dark temptation and a bad line, the second time more interesting))) I had to play the first passage, the game is too easy

Also began the second passage on tactics, and even so far I felt difficulty.

Therefore, I say, it is necessary to play on tactics the first time, the complexity of the balance is too light even for the first time, and for reproduction and tactics too light, since you already know what and what to expect

There is an ending to finish and will not attend the complaints

It is good

More mines are good)

The people who are not aware of whether it is possible to recruit it without a typhoid genocide (that is, to get Karl and Gail into the team)? And I mean officially, and not through the bug and console.

Recently checked different options. It is necessary to finish all the groves of the grove, come to the camp of goblins and stun the Mintar (temporary stunning), then go immediately to the second act, then you can at least go to the lunar towers and take it with you with you. Thus, Karllah will have a mining

You need to skip a party or what do you mean by "Immediately in the second act"? Pass through the MB Pass?

Yes, you need to skip the party and then go to the second act

It is not necessary to stun it, you can even agree with her to attack the grove and go immediately to the pass, and the quests in the grove is not necessary to perform, it will be in lunar towers and druids are intact. That’s just tifling will disappear. Tifling will be further according to the plot in only one case, if they are saved and kill a minate, if you ignore the quest from the grove of the druids, then the Mintar will be in the towers anyway.

There is no officially alas, they brought a normal mod allowing it to recruit it at any outcome.

Quickly they bring edit

Judging by the updates, the game will soon come out of early access. Look forward to.

I still could not get her in Pati even at 3 passes of the game (afterwards I did it by guide, although I usually avoid this business, but it still did not help me, because it is very difficult to get it in a good passage in Pati) and they will fix bed scenes and dialogues leading to them . The most blurry companion in the game as for me. Seriously, this reminds me of Cyberpank, where they have shameful races where AI do not go without gg, and the spotlights instead of correcting the apartments. NIS priorities that those who have these, who generally have these worthless 10 seconds of bed scenes, and for their sake they added nudity and genitalia. It would be better to work out the skills of Illitids (some do not work, some like a free spell are simply broken and some are simply ridiculous to reduce the target design by 2 and this is after evolution, yelling). I am already silent about the paladin who damates Kara Over 500 damage

Proceses and budgets with terms had more.

He burnt out when the Cyberpunka exit, so many years of development after 3 witches, false promises, presentations, etc. In the game, the other. Fortunately, the plot is quite good, in my opinion. – The game is still rulingT.

I also went into the plot, there are not enough stars from the sky, but just for my taste that I love

You can add it through Cheat Engine if the path of druids and tifling is chosen. But she is very silent in itself. Where the rest of the companions say something, Mintara is usually silent. Once a day something blurts out, and that’s it.

P.S. You need to add in the first act. If you add in the second, it will stand in the camp without joining the group.

Let’s try, I was already so desperate that I was ready to go even for it

I attached it during the execution of the quest to kill the leaders. He killed her in his camp just in case, going to talk with the druid. Then he resurrected.

If you enter the hall in the lunar towers with her, when the trial is carried out there, you can find out how it is recruited by the plot, but it will bag and join it to the group after legal recruitment will not work.

Mintara Partner and a living grove, that’s what you need. They put a choice for people, for example, for me, consider his absence for me because it is not possible to kill the typhoids, then you just can’t do something by doing this.

There is an option to leave tifling alive and mining

Recently checked different options. It is necessary to finish all the groves of the grove, come to the camp of goblins and stun the Mintar (temporary stunning), then go immediately to the second act, then you can at least go to the lunar towers and take it with you with you. The quests will be written that the tifling leaves, the druid died, xs why it turns out. Although when you stun the Mintar, in the quest she is recorded as a murdered. Interesting observation, if you do not finish the quest to save the grove, then in the second act there will be no dead tifling on the road, and if you close the quest and after the party to go to the second act, then there will be dead typhoids along the way to the tower

And the living tifling in the second act will be? In the tavern, prison, etc.D. Otherwise they are connected with the quest of Karllah, and in the third act they partially move.

There is in prison, but did not check in the tavern

Yeah, it will resurrect and attack you in 3 acts, and this is not Rofl, but by the way it was corrected in the last patch (blacksmith Dammon, Dimon: D)

I am interested, they made it so that if the rest of the leaders are killed, and stun the miner, she will be alive in 2 act? Stunning helps to save Minsk and recruit it, and the mining station is immediately cut out.

It would be great!

I want to already for a monk, or a bard to play! Palych is already tired of it. And there is not enough it in a party definitely. Still normal, all her dialogs prescribed and remarks with good passage. But apparently Larian decided to leave it for the Persians of the Dark Side.

This does not work. At least if you take a druid. But you can add it through Cheat Engine if the path of druids and tifling is chosen. Just add in the first act. If you add in the second, it will stand in the camp without joining the group.

How to get to the Mintara? I have not passed the first act yet. Current without terrible spoilers.

In the camp of goblins

Take the side of the goblins

This is in the place where you still need to drive the chicken?

This is in the place where you still need to drive the chicken?

Well, yes it is there, talk to the mining of the Mintara and take it to her side

She is to a finished state for a couple of years and at least a couple of DLCs, while it is a completely raw product.

Yes, I wouldn’t say. I am finishing the first passage, there were unpleasant bugs like the inability to talk with a couple, ahem, side characters, t.e. NOTHOUT CLEASE DO NOT CLOSE CLASS, It is often difficult to aim on books to read, you have to push them first or select all objects through the backlight, there are brakes when it hit someone and a game of ten seconds thinks that there was further visual bugs.

In general, it is unpleasant sometimes, but not terrible, let’s say a single impossible quest has not yet met.

And the point is not in bugs, but in shortcomings just everywhere. With the first act, they still somehow tried and there was even an illusion of choice, then it is no longer.

Romances are spelled out terribly, the ending is just no.

The romances are excellent in the first act of relations begin, then continue – and after any dialogue your choice of romance constantly calls you somehow affectionately, making it clear that you are in a relationship. And reacts to events some if, for example, in a brothel you want to sleep reactions will be sleeping. As for me this is enough for my eyes to feel that you are in a relationship with a character. For more, well, I don’t know, marry Real Life – and Romanisite the nursery)).

Bad and stable novels. The whole game dodged homosexual invitations of the male part of the camp. I ran the whole game for Shadouhart. Bottom line: A pair of extinct kisses, the absence of a bed scene due to bugs, was sent by her on an erotic journey in the epilogue. Relations: 100. Main quest is closed by silhinite ending.

The speed of the conservation loads has grown noticeably. I haven’t tested much yet much.

Yes, they fixed it like that. At the end of the second act there really are some options for dialogues with a mining. I don’t know if they were before the patch. You can let her get into your consciousness, and mentally show who she is for you. I chose "Beloved", She approved, and says: tonight I belong only to you (well, or like that). Nichrome, made a bunch of long rest, nothing.

Further in the brothel, there should have been a reaction from a mining company to a proposal for a gangbang. But nifiga. Gemini say that I bring them my pair and then everything will be. But Mintara in the detachment. I saw the vidos where she reacts to this proposal with some phrase. As I understand it, if there is no reaction from Persian in this moment, it may be such that Roman Baganil himself and the game does not perceive that there is a romance with a ministry. Although for a check of verification "relationships" At the Dryad in the circus, she agreed. For the Mintar itself with the twins, I begin dialogue, the same.

I am a krch xs, I don’t want to get any development at the end of the game. Tell me, who pulled a romance with a minate after a patch whether there was a scene some new night after I called her lover?

It is a pity to accept her in a group, you need to take out druids, an interesting character. This is generally a stupid solution, except that you are so far as to immediately believe in the absolute. I didn’t even know that she was a playable character without these news. There were little suspicions, because it can be unique with her civil clothes, I just go in it now😂

It’s like in the Puffyder Kingmaker from the same studio – a random attached random goblin in the left quest, which you can kill, call the forest, turns out to be the coolest Sopartian with a bunch of funny dialogs, quest, councils in the Council and Uber by damage to the middle of the game. True, he is angry and others bug that it would be necessary to expel..
It was also annexed by accident and was glad, for I would miss Ololo Content.

Guys, it seemed to me that she looks more like a man

but you don’t think that the phrase "fifth hotFix" It sounds somehow warm?

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