For the release version of Baldur’s Gate 3, the first hotfix came out

As promised by Sven Vinka, the grandiose role -playing game Baldur’s Gate 3 received its first hotfix after leaving early access. Today’s update eliminates several failures, errors and much more. Its size is 210 MB and after it the number of the game version will no longer be displayed with dialogs.

Hi all! Congratulations on the day of starting the game after bg3! Thank you so much for all the love and support that you provided Baldur’s Gate 3. It was unrealistic – finally starting this game after six years of development, and an incredible honor to observe how many of you play and discover what the team created. We hope that BG3 will delight you for many more months and even years. We read your messages about the problems with preserving the game and found the culprit – our cross -senches. Given that this function will become useful only on September 6, when the version for the PlayStation 5 (and not only) is released, we decided to turn it off for now to solve the problem in the near future. You will not notice anything in the game, and saving in Steam Cloud will not be affected by this change.

Drolls and locks

  • Fixed the possibility of getting stuck in a dialogue in the first clash with the main boss.
  • Fixed a rare problem when the state of the player’s character was not updated properly after death.
  • Fixed a bug associated with one of the cinematographic dialogues of Astarion in the endgopile.
  • Fixed a bug that arose when loading an old saved game during Last Light.
  • Fixed a mistake that could occur when using a device for reading the brain in the colony.
  • Fixed a problem due to which it was possible to get stuck on the download screen when loading the saved game after death.
  • Fixed blocking when creating a character that did not allow to move forward if Tifling Zariel was chosen as the Guardian.
  • Fixed a potential failure caused by a lighting system.
  • Added error message preventing failures caused by mods when starting the game.
  • Larian Account cross-preservation was temporarily disconnected to solve the problem blocking and saving. Cross-saving in Steam is not affected.
  • Fixed failure when starting the game using Steam API.
  • Fixed a failure that could occur with a quick loading of the game, when a container or corpse was open to plunder.
  • Fixed a failure that could happen if an object unlocked a spell for a game object without stats.
  • Fixed a mistake that could arise when changing a race or class when creating a character.
  • Possible malfunctions when closing screens, for example, the options menu or when the dialogue is closed, corrected.
  • Fixed a potential error when the enemy tried to use the motivator during the battle in the foundry of a steel pattern.
  • Fixed the lock that arose when choosing an attack on the emperor during the dialogue after you got to his side.
  • Fixed failure in Physx.


  • Players will now correctly join cinematographic dialogues requiring the presence of all players, if they had listened to them earlier.
  • Fixed a problem due to which players could listen to private dialogs using the context menu.
  • Fixed a problem due to which the players stuck and could not join the dialogue if someone else is already involved in it.
  • Fixed hair physics in drow and elves of male strong physique.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which phase spiders missed their move in battle if they stood on a destroyed web.
  • Fixed the problem with the cast of cubes, when a second attempt could lead to failure if you used bonuses and click very quickly.
  • Duplicate spells are no longer displayed on the hot panels of the followers, and their radial menu is no longer tuned. (It is important to note that followers are not partners or full -fledged party members).
  • Fixed randomization of Dark Urge when creating a character for neutral dragonorbods.
  • Fixed a problem due to which it was impossible to interact with Viters in one of the locations of the camp.

User interface

  • Fixed problems in cinematic dialogs when listening.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the models of the characters of half-rings, dragonor-row and semi-Elf were incorrectly updated when removing armor in the characters table.
  • Fixed some problems with prepared spells during Level Up during multi -classification.
  • Hidden version number in dialogs.
  • Fixed display of splitz-kinematographer with garbage when sample.


  • Fixed sound problems associated with grunts, screams and moans in the gameplay and cinema.
  • Fixed line breaking up when talking with Restless Mikonid in Underdark.
  • The clicking sound is eliminated during the credits.
  • Fixed sound levels in dialogue with Mayrina in the lower city.


  • Fixed a mistake led to the appearance of textures of bright neon colors.
  • Fixed the problem with the separation of the screen, due to which the characters remained invisible after the end of the dialogue.
  • Fixed error ratio of the parties with active FSR in separate screen mode.
  • Fixed the absence of renewal of surface texture parts when the Texture Detail parameter changes in the game videos.
  • The characters’ gaze is corrected in the wrong direction in the dialogue with Mizor.
  • Fixed the turn of the emperor back in the Kinematographic stage of the endgus.
  • Fixed the problem with the camera in a deep company.
  • Fixed problems with the camera and lighting of a strange bull in Last Light.
  • Fixed an empty screen in the cinematic scene when you put on one of the masks of Aunt Ethel.
  • The scene of the scene of the Nautiloid is now reproduced, even if your avatar is dead, and instead of it, the companion took advantage.
  • Fixed the problem of cutting characters in a cinematic dialog in the colony.
  • Fixed the jumping out of the Avatar head in a dialog in the colony.
  • Fixed the disappearance of Casador’s staff in a cinematic dialogue.
  • Fixed a camera that is too close to the wolf.
  • Fixed the jumping out of the head of Lae’zel in a dialogue with V vasation.
  • Fixed the cutting of Orin and her victims into the altar.
  • Fixed camera blocking in a dialogue with Lankbag and Laridda.
  • Fixed the disappearance of the partners the next morning after the dark impulse goes into a certain impulse.
  • Fixed problems with lighting in the scene with Z’elll in Moonrise Towers.
  • Correcting Araj’s hands corrected when talking with her in the lower city.
  • Fixed that some companions were visible in the background of dialogs where they should not be.
  • Fixed up the stood of the corpse of Keterik in non -working pose.
  • Fixed camera blocking in a dialogue with cannibals in the village of Blyitehead.
  • Refracted Rafael’s jump out during dialogue with Orton.
  • Fixed problems with the camera, sound and movement of the character in the dialogue with the amulet of the monk.
  • Fixed a muddy animation in a cinematic dialogue with a brewer.
  • Fixed a cliff of a semi-mercenary when talking with pale-faced in "Freight Freiggo".
  • Correcting Halfling’s Cutting Cutting Dark Urge when lying.
  • Fixed problems with lighting in the endgilic cinema.
  • Fixed trembling and jumping out the hands of Jaheira in the dialogue in the lower city.
  • Repeating animation on the underwater apparatus fixed.
  • Vile’s wrong gaze was corrected when recruiting.
  • Added a reaction to the face of the player’s character when talking with a will in Last Light.
  • Fixed a cliff between the two zilots of the Absolute in the colony.
  • Fixed problems with the popping of Casador in several dialogs with astarion.
  • Fixed some problems with the location of the characters, animation and cameras in the final Katszen.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.