CITIES: Skylines will receive the final addition of Hotels & Retreats in late May

Paradox Interactive introduced Cits: SkyLines – Hotels & Retreats, the last addition developed by Colossal Order for their cult urban planning game. Paradox also introduced packages for creating the industrial evolution, “Japanese and Queens” railways, noting the latest stops at Cits: Skylines World Tour and offering players wider settings and depth opportunities. Supplement Hotels & Retreats and Content Creator Pack sets will be available on May 23.

CITIES: SkyLines – Hotels & Retreats is a mini-expression that allows players to build luxurious residential buildings and tourist attractions to increase the economy of their city. In expansion, players begin with a small hotel network, and then open more specialized rooms.

The main characteristics of Cits: SkyLines – Hotels & Retreats:

  • Hotel buildings: dormitories, houses, hotels, luxurious resorts. Add a number of hotel buildings with different budgets to your city.
  • Hotel management: Start with one -star hotels and open up new opportunities as the income and popularity of your business grows.
  • Tourist buildings: new buildings will support your hotels: parks, restaurants, playgrounds and cafes.
  • Location: The selection of hotels with a good location will be of paramount importance, since different places will be involved in different tourist groups. We added 5 new maps for your hotels (3 cards in the European style, 1 tropical map and 1 moderate map).

Paradox also announced two radio stations that will be launched along with the expansion and packages of Content Creator Pack on May 23:

  • Piano radio is an ideal radio station for those who love bizarre and elegant piano music. With 16 songs and about an hour of music, your city will rise impeccably at your fingertips!
  • Pop-radio of the 90s: Return to the classics of the 20th century with the “pop music of the 90s”! Enjoy 16 new tracks and almost an hour of music.

Although the sequel is already preparing, Colossal Order intends to continue the overall support of CITies: SkyLines until the end of the year.