Battlefield 2042 improved the popular card, detachment management, weapons and fixed a large number of errors

Today, the Battlefield 2042 network shooter celebrates another major update that processed many aspects of the game and eliminated errors. Developers from DICE studio updated the game to version 5.2.0, where the most desirable functions for players were introduced. The Battlefield 2042 finally appeared the management of a detachment of players, weapons were balanced and a popular map was improved.

In this update for Battlefield 2042, the shooter developers fulfilled the promise that the players gave the players last year before launching the first season of Zero Hour. They updated all release cards, improving the display of objects and creating more honest conditions for all players. In addition, they added more control to the players over the combat detachment during the match, where the function of excluding unwanted users and replacing the leader now appeared.

Along with this patch, an impressive list of corrections for Battlefield 2042 is also included. In the shooter, errors on transport were fixed, improved bots on the map and much more. Below you can see the list of some game fixes:

  • "Penguins smeared some stairs with fat, as a result of which experts lost control of themselves when using them. We explained to the penguins that these objects are stairs, not slides. They reluctantly agreed to remove".
  • Fixed the problem due to which the arrows of the direction to the allied soldiers and cars were always present, even if they were in the field of view of the player.
  • The teleportation block for MCOM will now work correctly on Flashpoint.
  • Updated iconography of game modes for the correct display of icons on the tab "My impressions".
  • Fixed a bug due to which BC2 Armored Transport cars have a wrong icon.
  • Munition boxes now have the total reload time between other placed ammunition boxes.
  • The time of reloading of boxes with cartridges and medicines is now 16 seconds, not 30.
  • Classes with cartridges will now be replenished every 15, not 20 seconds.
  • The fire control indicator is now displayed only for Marksman rifles when under -barrel grenades are equipped and active.
  • Fixed a problem due to which the return control of the Dozer shield was sometimes not reproduced properly
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the player moved more slowly than expected, when aiming using XCE BAR and BSV-M.
  • Fixed numerous problems with the alignment of the VFX laser sight on weapons.
  • Now NVK-FSN Holo has a provided mesh screen.
  • Fixed the problem with the roll of the F-35e Panther aircraft after using the VTOL mode. Su-57 Felon also received some roll speed corrections.
  • Radar missiles are no longer guided by helicopters "Stealth" and do not fall into them through signaling missiles – this can still happen at close distances due to the proximity of the machine and activation of the signaling missile.
  • Passengers will now receive tips about when to reload.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the ships on the airbag LCAA, the Mi-240 Super Hind and MV-38 Condor did not work a directed output.
  • Added the function of a directed output for ground vehicles, which allows you to get out of them from the direction you look at.
  • Additional output points have been added to the rear of the combat ground vehicles that allow, if desired, the machine.

The full list of corrections can be found on the official website of the game. Battlefield 2042 shooter with version 5.2.0 is already available for playing PC and consoles.