Actor, who voices Adam Jensen in Deus Ex, refused a mokap due to his low stature

Since the release of Deus Ex Mankind Divved has passed as many as seven years, and at least at the moment, even the shadow of the continuation is not visible on the horizon. Nevertheless, these days the actor, who voiced Adan Jensen, remembered his days of working in Eidos Montreal, telling a kind of background.

The deep and charismatic voice of Elias Tuskussis largely contributed to the success of the character of Jensen, who is still loved by fans of the genres of Sci-Fi and cyberpunk. In recent days, however, it has become known that Tuskussis did not take movement in Deus Ex Human Revolution, considering it too small for the character: the growth of Jensen created by Eidos Montreal is 1.86 m, and the growth of the Canadian actor – 1.56 m (5’11"). After he was taken for dubbing, he was listening to the capture of the movement, but he was refused.

For Human Revolution, there were two separate departments. One was engaged in dubbing, and the other – the shooting in which the capture of movement was used, – explained Tuskussis on the website X (formerly Twitter). They forced me to go through the audition to implant me into my own body, but I did not get a role! I was told that my height is 1.56 m, while Jensen’s growth is 1.86 m. [. ] Apparently, at that time it was too difficult to draw me a few centimeters!.

Therefore, in Human Revolution, the capture of movements for Adam Jensna was performed by another actor, which caused a Tuskussis certain discomfort. When he was called to the continuation of Deus Ex Mankind Divined, he did not like such an appeal, and he threatened to abandon the role if he was not allowed to perform the movements of the protagonist.

Fortunately, by the mid-2010s, the difference in growth between the actor and the character ceased to be a technical restriction, and he went to meet him. In Mankind Divated, he was able to completely immerse himself in the role of Adam Jensen, passing him a voice and movement in Performance Capture.